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To ensure the utmost satisfaction with our Eames lounge chair replica of your choosing, it is best to examine certain aspects of the chair before making your buy, like its cushions. Retailers of Eames chair reproductions often assert how similar the chair is to the original model. Despite the similarity between different reproductions, there may be hidden snags that lessen the durability of the chair. Or, there could be qualities that make the chair lacking. 

In this blog article, we’ll answer all the most common questions that people have asked us about our Eames Lounge Chair cushions. If you’re still unsure about buying, or if you want to know more before making that choice. Read on!

Our Eames Lounge Chair Cushions

Eames Lounge Chair

How do the cushions breathe?

Comfort comes from cushioning that is able to revive after having the pressure set upon it, which is vital for the entire cushioned area: the seat, the ottoman and the inner body of the chair. Our cushions are breathable, with air inlets lining the chair. With the entrance of more air, the cushions become equipped with greater retention of their original shape. Additionally, the breathable quality protects against mold and residue buildup.

Eames Lounge Chair

Are the cushions interchangeable?

An important question to consider, as some Eames Lounge chairs have cushions sewn onto the body of the chair or the ottoman. Our Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman set have pillows that can be easily removed from the seat and the ottoman. What’s best is they are interchangeable, given that they both come in the same size of 32 ¾ “ x 21 ½.” Thus, if you feel you’ve tampered with the elevation of the seat, you can switch it with the one atop the ottoman and vice versa.

What kind of foam is in the cushions?

The foam inside our chairs is of the highest caliber memory foam. This injected foam has an impressive shelf-life of over 20 years. Memory foam is the best filling material for long-lasting chairs, as it is this material that is most responsible for shape retention. Memory foam slips into the position of your body, so you will never be in conflict with it. The foam moves with the shape of your body and when you get up or remove something from the chair, the cushion will return to its original shape, without any disturbances.