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One of the reasons why the Mid-Century Modern style left a legacy of so many iconic designs, not only for what they contributed in terms of aesthetics and artistic sense but also for their functionality and technical aspect, is because they were also pieces born of minds that evidently demonstrated great creativity and mastery of their area. One of these works of art was undoubtedly the Isamu Noguchi Table, which emerged from the hands of this artist and designer in 1947, and since then it has been present in the spaces of millions of people around the world.

A walnut imitation Noguchi table looks good in almost any type of environment in which it’s placed, especially if it’s in a living room with a decoration associated with the Mid-Century Modern Style since its biomorphic and curvilinear design usually becomes the attraction of all eyes. The stores that offer a for sale Noguchi, usually have very faithful designs to the original Herman Miller Noguchi table, since many of these replicas can be easily found in the market at prices three or four times cheaper than the original piece. Check out the other designs available in our store to discover more wonderful examples of this trend.