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Today we are offering a special discount on the Barcelona Collection, and more specifically the Barcelona chair replica. We have already explained in previous articles how the Barcelona chair replica helps and upgrades your space, and also, how the Barcelona Collection can help your space in conjunction with other best-sellers from our best sellers collection. The discount we have today is another attempt at swaying you towards our beautiful and elegant replicas, which we make with the greatest pride and dedication.

Barcelona Collection

The Barcelona Collection is one of the best selling collections we have here at Barcelona Designs. We invite you to read up on the pieces we’ve made on the Collection as a whole, as well as the Barcelona chair replica, which is the crown jewel of the Barcelona collection of replicas. We’ve also spoken about the replica market, and why you should consider getting a Barcelona chair replica for yourself. If you are looking for the best modern furniture, see our catalog, you won’t be disappointed.

But let’s talk about discounts: did you know that you can get the entire Barcelona collection at a discounted rate? Just for today, though. We’re having our usual Fall Sale and that includes that you can get the best modern furniture in Canada at a discounted rate. 10% off the whole site, also including other best-sellers like the Eames lounge chair replica and the Barcelona chair replica, which we covered in a previous post. You should also check that as well to learn how you can combine the Barcelona Collection with the collection of best-sellers.

We have also talked extensively about our replicas and the things that separate them from other replicas in the market. Our Barcelona collection features the best reproductions of modern furniture, with exceptional craftsmanship going into making these designs, to make sure they stay as close to the original as possible. Let’s round up some of the features that era endemic to the whole collection, not just the Barcelona chair replica, which we will again mention later in this article.

Full-Grain Premium Aniline Leather

You really can’t go wrong with either a Barcelona chair replica or any of its companions, as all of them feature the same leather straps and cutouts that made the original so famous. You can find these leather straps in the Barcelona chair replica, the Barcelona loveseat, the Barcelona sofa and benches, and even below the Barcelona daybed replica, neatly tugging the broad cushion and adding incredible back support. You would have to be blind not to see the quality of this product when it arrives at your door. The original design that we emulate brings the most elegant version of the Barcelona chair replica and company to the table. The Barcelona chair replica has also been voted number one in the US for the quality of the leather and the craftsmanship. The panels that make up the cushions are cut and sewn individually, and the tufting is added later for extra comfort.

High-quality walnut and stainless steel

The plated steel bases and frames that we use for the Barcelona Collection have high-quality grade stainless steel that’s polished enough for you to see a slight reflection in it, and also able to enjoy high resistance and long lasting furniture. The wood used for the frames that support the Barcelona benches and the Barcelona daybed replica are made from high-quality walnut wood straight from South America and into your living room, bedroom, or any space that you can currently think of. The high-quality steel is also present in the Barcelona Table replica.

Comfortable high-density foam interior and finish

You do not have to worry about comfort when purchasing any of these items. We offer you the perfect ratio between foam filling and hard leather tufting in order to provide you with an optimal seating experience. The high-density of the foam will give you that sinking feeling that most people want in their couches, but without being too overwhelmed. In fact the combination of the leather and the foam will keep you well seated but upright in a comfortable position. These properties are also maintained in the white counterparts of the items in the collection, which all have the same quality. It’s no wonder why we are the only American store selling the complete Barcelona collection, as we have stated before in previous articles.

But let’s get back to the Barcelona Chair replica. Did you know that just today you can also throw in a $150 dollar discount by just purchasing this chair? Sadly, the other elements of the Collection as not currently in this promo, but this is you best chance to get yourself a Barcelona chair replica. Then you can definitely use the other discounts for your advantage as well.


At Barcelona Designs we really appreciate you coming and getting yourself a furniture item that we are very proud of, in every way possible. You have the Fall Sale discount, up to 10% off no questions asked, and now you have the $150 off your purchase with the code BCNVIPSALE. This brings down the price of the Barcelona chair replica by almost 20% if you add it up, which makes it a perfect opportunity for you finally start getting the items in this collection.

There’s only today to seize this opportunity, so to all of our readers out there who are currently looking at this and still have some hours left: this is your chance. We will honor both discounts so you can experience true craftsmanship and enjoy the Barcelona chair replica.