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The Noguchi table replica is Barcelona Design’s premier coffee table, inspired from the great Isaamu Noguchi, an artist and landscape architect who wielded a major influence over furniture design in the midcentury. The Noguchi Table is considered Isaamu Noguchi’s greatest piece and it continues to be manufactured today.  With so many Noguchi table replicas on the market, it may be hard to distinguish the best replica. The Barcelona Designs Noguchi table replica follows all the specifications of Noguchi’s table, so it is built the way it had intended to be. It comes in 7 color options for the wooden legs. Before buying the Noguchi table replica, gather some interior design ideas on how to style your indoor space with the Noguchi table.

A Modern Living Room

Perfectly situated in the middle of a small living room setup, the Noguchi table completes the configuration. All this modern living room uses in terms of main furniture pieces is a sectional sofa and two modern chairs. The hanging light provides another focal point to the room and its aim at the Noguchi table replica accentuates it all the more. The rug serves as a kind of gravitational force, so to speak, for the other furniture, in that they all face towards it, bringing together a configured living space.  The two side tables at each end of the sectional sofa and the three side by side art frames zest up the look in this living area.

A Corned Den

The Noguchi table replica is in the front and center of yet another area o relaxation. This den is set up in the left corner of a larger indoor space, enclosed with the sole border of the rug. This sectional is rather larger, eliminating the need for another major seating option, except for the small midcentury black chair on the right. Regardless, the majority of occupants in this space will be seated on the sectional sofa. Geometry plays an integral role in the design of this space, with linear accents on the rug, side table and legs of the black chair. The Noguchi table replica, in this sense, is a kind of disruptive force in this setup, breaking the mold of pure geometry with its outlandish shape. Its dark legs beautifully match the wood of the side tables (including a smaller own in the back).  The arching lamp is the marble strobe floor lamp, leaning down towards what appears to be the Noguchi table, the star of the show. The flowers and bowl are great accessories that help emphasize the Noguchi table even more.

Hybrid Living and Dining Spaces

Not all living rooms and dining rooms are separated by clearly defined walls or barriers. For hybrid spaces, such as this setupwhich features a full-furnished living room and small dining area, coffee table still play a major role.  Standing between two couches, the Noguchi table fulfills its function as a decorative storage piece between two main furniture pieces.  It’s also necessary in this scenario since the presence of dining table is for major meals. The Noguchi coffee table is an alternate table that should be used for family get-togethers or for TV viewing.  The dark legs of the Noguchi table match the wooden TV stand with its mahogany grandeur.  The ghost chairs beside the dining table create a translucent visual effect, directing more light at the dining table.  This area makes good use of the rug, which is present in only the living room area, visibly marketing the divide of the living and dining areas.

It’s not always the center wall of a living room that should demand the most attention. In this setup, the right wall, which has a protruding window sill, mimics a kind of alcove area and thus commands much notice.  Besides two windows, including a large, decorated one, the right side also hosts the Rise Floor lamp. What is most noticeable about this area is the chaise lounge, embellished with its own marble side table.  The Noguchi table balances out this living room, by shifting its body and our eyes slightly to the left, creating a well-defined center between the leather sofa and chaise lounge. This Noguchi table replica has black legs, which are very apt in style, matching the sleek body and hood of the Rise Floor lamp, black sofa and black and white wall art.  This area looks furnished to the maximum, with major furniture, wall art, accessories, painted walls and contrasting borders.  The lofty distance between the couch and the chaise lounge would be all the more noticeable without the Noguchi, leaving the space to feel bare and in want of another piece of furniture.

With Office Furniture

Flora and leather abound in this chic living space that’s filled with… office furniture. You’re seeing correctly, office furniture contributes to a large portion to the makeup of this room.  The leather sofa provides the classic piece to modern living rooms and it contains a visible steel frame, seen in the legs and supporting arm chair. The seating that matches this aesthetic the closest comes from that of our Eames office chair replicas. Surprisingly enough, no “traditional” chair matches this leather and thin steel aesthetic as can these office chairs. Two softpad management chairs line the upper left corner, while a single softpad executive chair fills the closer, right area.  Besides the plump cushioning and gorgeous leather upholstery, these Eames office chairs are useful in that they have full mobility and swivel. You can feel free the twist and move in them, or position them easily to your liking.  The Noguchi table’s black legs effortlessly matches the rest of the setup.  This room also makes great use of side tables, as the Noguchi table is not enough, given the stretched out proximity of the management and executive softpad chairs. Plants decorate the room while adding more color infusion.