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Mid Century Modern Style is a case of a rara avis in the Interior Design world. Its last revival can be traced in the decade of the 1990s. Since then, it hasn’t decayed again, but on the contrary, it has managed to consolidate as one of the major trends in Interior Design since then. It means that The Barcelona Collection has at least 30 years of sustained growth in the preferences of Americans and European houses.

Few trends can display such steady results. Generally, Interior Design trends have a shorter life expectancy and tend to be focalized regionally. This way, for example, Coastal Living, one of the major trends now, is hugely popular but is heavily located in the west coast states, while in the mainland, or the east coast other trends are more popular. Mid Century Modern is highly popular in almost all American geography. Besides, related styles like Scandinavian, Modern, and Traditional are still popular too, and they tend to be famous nationwide too. 
This high popularity of MCM originates a big demand for products inspired by this trend, such as the Barcelona Collection. And the market reacted to this big demand, in three different ways, like the traditional design houses; the low-cost stores, and the replicas market. Let’s briefly examine it. 

Traditional Design Houses

The original production and manufacture of the items of the Barcelona Collection, just like other famous pieces of Mid Century Modern period, were reserved first for the traditional design houses that emerged with the movement since the 1920s. This houses since then have the license to use the name and brand of the designer. This generates an additional charge to the final price, rising it significantly. With a piece of a design house, you will get a first quality product, but maybe with the total sum of what is needed to get one of this pieces, you have better plans to use it. 

Low Cost Stores

Its easy to find low cost stores for almost everything, and at the same time, its easy to know the side effects of a purchase in a low cost store. In the case of furniture, it means, almost with a 100% of certainly, low quality ends. An this means a poor material selection, a deficient manufacture and a very short life expectancy of the piece. Sometimes, the manufacturer reduce the dimensions of the piece. In the end, the result is mostly unsatisfying. Something that probably takes you again to the need of buy your beloved piece, again, anytime soon. In the end, cheap doesn’t mean inexpensive. 

The replica’s market

Since the revival of the early 1990s, the demand for Mid Century Modern products is so high that traditional channels were surpassed. In consequence, the market of replicas appear to satisfy a growing need. A replica is a rendering of the original piece that follows the original design, committed to quality and true to the expectations of its original creator. With a replica, you can get an exact reproduction of the original piece with a high quality standard, but unlike the traditional house, a replica store doesn’t pay license for the exclusive use of the brand, and its focused to provide the best version of the original design. It can provide you then of a high quality product at an affordable price. We dare to say that a replica is your smart choice, because it allows you to obtain the best quality standard without paying for a brand.

The Barcelona Collection and Mid Century Modern

The Barcelona Collection is one of the most representative set ups in Interior Design from the Mid Century Modern Design period. With its sleek design and beautiful shapes, the collection is formed by the iconic Barcelona Chair, the Barcelona Sofa, the Barcelona Loveseat, the Barcelona Ottoman and Barcelona Table. The Barcelona Collection was an authentic breakthrough in the world of design back in 1929, when it was released in the German Pavilion of the International Exposition of Barcelona, by its principal creator Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. With innovations like an experimental use of industrial materials (Steel), a minimalist design, stripped of any ornamentalism, and portraying the functionality before the design, the items of the Barcelona Collection (just like another famous collection, the LC from Le Corbusier) set a standard for many years when it comes to beauty and functionality. 

The Barcelona Collection works very well as a whole set up, but the best combination of its elements depend on the needs of the particular space we are willing to décor. Nevertheless, the elements of the Barcelona Collection have enough beauty and value to stand up each one for it selves.

With a commitment for achievement, excellence and being true to the original design of the original author, Barcelona Designs is one of the most successful online stores of Mid Century Modern renditions. Don’t miss the opportunity to have an experience of high class furniture, taking the smart choice. Barcelona Designs is the leading store of replicas for Mid Century Modern Style, like the Barcelona Collection.  With Barcelona Designs you will get an exceptional quality product for an affordable price.