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When it comes to Modern Furniture, one of the most repeated questions from someone interested to buy a sofa or a dining table, has to do with the quality of the furniture. How many years is going to last my new sofa? Is it really worth?

This is an important question. A sofa, or a dining table, to mention some examples of furniture, are valuable investments.

When it comes to replacement for wear and tear, a quality sofa should last at least 7 years, depending on the use, of course. But with proper care, this time can be extended. Sofas made with surfaces like leather, or tight fabrics like canvas tend to be more endurable with time.

Barcelona Designs LC5 Sofa Bed
LC5 Sofa Bed: a master design for a endurable piece.

But the main attribute to determine the endurance of a sofa, as any modern furniture piece, resides in the strength of its design.

When we talk of design, we take care not only of materials but the way how they assemble and how interact to give you the best experience.

A well-designed piece of modern furniture will take care of aspects like structure; materials; comfort; ergonomics; and cost.

A very good example of a well-designed sofa is the LC5 Sofa Bed. Developed by Le Corbusier, this sofa has a solid chrome steel external frame, and very comfortable leather seats and cushions. Besides, its simple mechanism to turn it into a bed is a guarantee of good handle.

If you’re planning to renew your living room this 2020, an LC5 Sofa Bed is definitely your best choice in quality, beauty and endurance. You can get in Barcelona Designs.