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In home decor, little pieces can make big differences. One detail or one particularity can add a final touch in a thoughtful set up.

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The Barcelona Table, Barcelona Chair and Barcelona Ottoman

The center table in a living room, tends to be the focal point of the space, when the table has an outstanding design. In other occasions, the center table plays as part of a team, bringing an special feature that adds a layer to the rest of the group. This is the case with the Barcelona Table.

Made with a solid, but elegant frame in chromed stainless steel, the Barcelona Table has a sober, stylish figure to fit in every space. From formal to relaxed. Its measures are ideal to medium or large spaces and are suitable to place a coffee set, or a group of magazines. 

Another special attribute of the Barcelona Table is its versatility. Due to its sober design, it suits equally in a stylish living room or even in a corporate space, or an office hall.  

As a part of the Barcelona Collection, The Barcelona Table has a very elegant view when its surrounded by the rest of the line:  The Barcelona Sofa, Love seat and Chair. The view of its squared shape against the upper side of the Barcelona chairs gives you an neat, clean cut view.

In a world of rounded tables, squared tables, oval tables, free-shape tables and so on…The Barcelona Bench is your classic choice of a elegant, and timeless piece. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the Barcelona Collection in Barcelona Designs.