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Note: We recommend reading the previous or part I of the article on ideas to decorate your minimalist bedroom including a Barcelona chair

No matter what style you prefer, for years ago people loved it and still like the minimalist style. You can see the reason for this by reading the main features in the previous article that minimalism could even help with your mental health.

Yes! As you read, science is involved in the aforementioned fact. The University of Southern California says cluttered places typically tend to increase stress levels and depressed mood. I want to clarify that I said: “messy places” because sometimes people tend to associate minimalism with boring and it is the opposite.

Something you should keep in mind is that minimalism does not have to be boring or dry, it must be seen as the creation of peaceful and calm designs, where simplicity and harmony are the main objectives.

Clearing that up, let’s get started with the other awesome inspiration ideas to complete the minimalist design of your dreams.

Plants are the best way to feel warm and calm

Create your own perfect place by adding different types of plants like cacti, succulents, orchids, cut flowers, etc. For example, adding one of these plants next to your Barcelona chair replica or your nightstand would unify these two elements and create the perfect warm place you want to read or perhaps relax while forgetting about the daily problems you face.

Believe it or not, having a spot like this in every room will help with your mood because these two can create a focal point where you can escape into a peaceful landscape.

bedroom wooden arragement with chair

Source: Modsy

Look at the example above, isn’t it lovely? It definitely invites you to sit back and travel through your mind to help you find the relaxation you need. I personally adore this type of bedroom arrangement. Don’t forget to share it with us in case you apply this idea!

Steel details to match the Barcelona chair legs

Having a Barcelona chair is always an adventure because it is a very versatile piece, you can imagine it as the muse of all the design of your bedroom. For example, if you have a white Barcelona chair, you can use white / gray tones and steel furniture -to match the legs of the chair- such as arch lamps and tables.

Take a look at the example below which is a Barcelona chair by the window, do you see all the metallic details? The chair legs, the bed frame, the nightstand, and even the window frame.

bedroom with barcelona chair and a bed with steel details

Source: Modsy

Boho vibes are always welcome

Boho details together with the modern style you already have will make it warm and gives you an air of living on the beach or jungle. This touch makes the room look very organic and chill. Take a look at the round details hanging up on the wall, they are pretty simple but at the same complement the other elements of the room.

bedroom with boho design

Source: NextLuxury