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The bedroom should be a safe place where you relax and feel comfy with all the elements which are included inside it, so it is normal to find that the Minimalistic style has been the favorite style to choose from memorial time.

But, do you really understand the minimalism? Whenever a person reads this word could only imagine all-white space with few furnishing, but in fact, the minimalism transcends this preconception. 

This style is so much more than one color wall and furnishing, it’s about simplicity, functionality, harmony, adding personal touches like an iconic element such as the Barcelona chair, and more.

So before dive into the main topic, let’s take a few minutes to understand what is the minimalism about. 

Understanding the main features of minimalism

Minimalism is a type of style design that follows the famous Mies van der Rohe phrase less is more. This style is quite simple – as the aforementioned phrase shows – and its focus on a simple approach devoid of ornamentation.

It is usually compared to modern and contemporary, but there are differences between them. Although a minimalist space is defined – as we mentioned earlier – by simplicity and functionality, it does not mean that it cannot have decorative elements of other styles, such as boho or retro, within the entire design.

In fact, the opposite is true, mixing small accessories or details from other designs can help create an outstanding minimalist decoration. So in short, you should keep in mind that the minimalist concept is more like a lifestyle or mindset where the main goal is to avoid unnecessary elements and only have the essentials.

Creating your minimalistic bedroom with a Barcelona chair and simplicity 

Now that we have briefly defined what minimalism is, below we will show a couple of practical examples to create rich areas in this incredible concept.

Add clean lines & monochromatic color palette

You don’t need to add a lot of elements to make a room look beautiful, see the picture below. As you can see, it is a white bedroom without much on it but with an outstanding result, this is due to the details that are the clean and dark lines of the table and the contrast between the black and white colors used.

minimalist bedroom from interiorzine
Source: Interiorzine

So what else can be added to this area? To create a complete space next to the table that you may have in your room, you can try combining it with a comfortable and elegant chair such as the Barcelona chair.

Make a special touch with vibrant colors and shapes 

Minimalism, as we said above, is not just about having as many monochrome colors as possible, sometimes you can break the rules and create your own rules. Check out the image below for better inspiration. So the rug is full of energy due to its shapes and adds a vibrant atmosphere to the bedroom, yet the item remains simple and in keeping with the whole style.

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