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If you are looking for quality furniture at good prices, there are always alternatives. And some are better than others.

Let’s talk on how to get the most of your budget in furniture that really satisfies you. Keep in mind that in every alternative you must ask to yourself: What do you get in the end?

Low-cost stores

Yo can go to low cost stores, for example. This gigantic multi products store offer lots of different items in several styles at really low prices.

Unfortunately, these superb low prices will come with more disadvantages than anything else, because low prices means low ends, too.

Low ends pieces have an awful, unfinished look… Low ends means smaller measures, poor quality materials and a very short term expectancy of functioning. You can see your beloved Barcelona Sofa look-a-like crumbling after only six months of a regular use. Keep in mind that cheap doesn’t mean inexpensive

The thrifting fever

Thrifting its gaining popularity year after year, and apparently it will not stop. The thrifting fever is here to stay, fueled by the Covid times we are living in.

Thrifting (that is, buying second hand merchandising from charities or donation stores), is on the rise and not only  for financial reasons. It’s becoming part of a broader phenomena where fashion style and ecological awareness is melting in a new set of preferences.

A key factor that hints about the permanency of thrifting, is that the phenomena is driven by the youth. Nowadays, to wear vintage clothes, or using vintage furniture is considered cool and trendy. Even big media, celebrities, are big enthusiasts that present houses where proudly they declare how many articles come from thrifting stores or flea markets.

Could you find a Barcelona Ottoman, or a Barcelona Table in a thrifting store?. Is not impossible. Just take in consideration that is really hard to assure some level of quality. You rely on what you get, and nothing else.

The market of replicas

We dare to say that a replica is your smart choice. A replica is rendering of the original piece that follows the original design, committed to quality and true to the expectations of its original creator.

With a replica, you can get an exact reproduction of the original piece with a high quality standard, but unlike the traditional house, a replica store doesn’t pay license for the exclusive use of the brand. It can provide you then of a high quality product at an affordable price.

You can get the best replicas of the Mid Century Modern Style era in specialized replicas stores, like Barcelona Design, where you can trust that you will take the best rendition of a  Barcelona Chair or a Barcelona Loveseat at a fraction of the price of a original piece.

Go to Barcelona Design, the best online store to buy Mid Century Modern furniture, and make your purchase in the safety and comfort of your home.