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We are facing uncertainty and we have doubts about our immediate future. How will be the “new normal”? How will we retake our lives and our daily routines? 

In times of change, people tend to search for refuge and comfort in the classics. That brings you security and stability. And what happens if we talk about our home decor? Does it really reflect our standings?

In the world of Interior Design, “classics” is associated with excellence in design and timeless beauty. This is what happens with the Barcelona Collection. 

Developed in 1929 by a then young talented German Designer, L. Mies van der Rohe, for the International Exposition of Barcelona, became one established and timeless furniture collection, very popular due to its elegance and beauty. Van de Rohe searched for inspiration and ways to avoid being common. He went back to Ancient History, mainly to the Roman Empire and Ancient Egypt. 

Van de Rohe had the vision to combine timeless concepts with an experimental approach in materials and manufacturing techniques. The result was splendid, elegant and comfortable.

Why is the Barcelona Collection a timeless classic?

The principles of Mid Century Modern are behind the permanent success of the Barcelona Collection: 

Function over Design

Experimental use of industrial materials

Organic, sleek lines

These principles allowed van der Rohe to create beautiful but useful and endurable furniture pieces that form the Barcelona Collection, which is formed by: The Barcelona Chair, Barcelona Loveseat, and Barcelona Sofa; the Barcelona Bench Three seater, BarcelonaTwo Seater and Barcelona Daybed; the Barcelona Table and the Barcelona Ottoman.

The items that form the Barcelona Collection are in the market of classic design houses, but you don’t have to pay the high prices of a design house to experience its beauty and convenience. The replicas market became an answer to a growing desire for high-quality designed furniture at affordable prices. Barcelona Designs is one of the best alternatives in quality and fidelity to the original idea while providing thoughtful customer service.