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A “Focal Point” is some piece of furniture or some particular feature in the room that calls the attention of the guests or any person who gets into the room. One of the main purposes in a good interior design is to create an effective and beautiful focal point.

Focal Point and Accent Chair

Several things can be a Focal Point in a room, most of them are classical: A fireplace, the TV center, a ceiling lamp or even a old brick wall. These are particularities of the space that make your fist impression. Sometimes a piece of furniture can be a Focal Point, and they call it “Accent Chair”.

When you look a focal point you get an impression. If its a fireplace, you’ll feel warm; if its the TV you will feel energy and fun; in the case of a ceiling lamp you can be amazed and amused by the lights or shadows. If its furniture you can be delighted by its beauty and sense of comfort. Some times the energy and disposition of a room may convert a beautiful chair the center of attraction of the whole space, just due to its beauty and presence.

A Design of Excellence

To become a focal point, your chair has to be special. A piece of design that makes it the center of the chat in the living room. Many specialized sources consider the Barcelona Chair one the most outstanding designs in the XX Century, and it is frequently mentioned both in luxury magazines, as one of the “Must Have” furniture pieces; and just like a strong influence in design fields so distant, like the automobile sector.

A Barcelona Chair is a beautiful object, and it’s definitely one focal point whenever is displayed in a room. Its “X” shape chrome steel frame provides it of a unique silhouette. You can use it as a tool to balance your room.

Using your Barcelona Chair

For a space too clear or with excess of whites, the Black Barcelona Chair, in a proper location, creates the perfect color balance with its black leather upholstery and dynamic frame. An opposite game can be played if you place an white Barcelona Chair in a dark, heavy room. The dynamic frame, and the shinning elegance of its white or cream leather will make your room lighter and with special place to pose your look and feel elegance and class. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to get in touch with the elegance and beauty of timeless classics like the Barcelona Chair. Barcelona Design is your alternative for Mid Century Modern style design pieces.