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It’s a new year, new aspirations and dreams. Then why should your home/office decor be the same. We bring you the Arco Floor Lamp Replica.

 Wait, it’s not just another lamp that you can gift or purchase off your local furniture mart down the road, Arco Floor Lamp Replica will redefine elegance with a touch of class painted over it for any room it’s placed it. Well the credit goes to the designer Achille Castiglioni.

 Designed & conceptualized by the famous Achille Castiglioni with his 2 brothers, always implored on the saying “Start from scratch”. Since 1940, Archille had dedicated himself to experimenting on industrial products with his brothers Livio (1911-1979) and Pier Giacomo. They focused on Urban Planning, Architecture and Design and worked towards developing a process of integral design. This meant considering how each component within the process would work in conjunction with one another, from the materials through to production. “There has to be irony, both in design and in the objects. I see around me a professional disease of taking everything too seriously. One of my secrets is to joke all the time.”

 The perfectly crafted Arco Floor Lamp Replica brought to you by Barcelona Designs will not only be gentle on your pockets but will surely make you smile ear to ear on this marvelous purchase.

Lights are said to be the charm of any indoor or outdoor spacing, Arco Floor Lamp Replica will fit right into that household of yours , shadowing over your favorite lounge chair with crisp making and a surreal aura of perfect lighting, this is surely a not miss product !

 Arco Floor Lamp Replica is one of those classic no mess designs to suit every mood and location you place it in. An overhead light without the hassle of wiring, it was supposedly inspired by a street lamp from the earlier times.

 This floor lamp is nestled on a marble base from which a long, curved stainless steel arch is positioned. You can adjust the arch for it to have the reach of your preference. This high quality reproduction is manufactured to almost the exact same specifications as the original lamp. All of your home lighting fixtures pale in comparison with our edition of the Castiglioni Arco Floor Lamp Replica.

Why choose Barcelona Designs? All legal products with Free FedEx Shipping plus such rates should be reasons good enough to not look elsewhere for this extraordinary replica of Arco Floor Lamp Replica.

With true to original height, stem length and other dimensions, the arco lamp will make your space more personal yet medievally stylish. All lamps will come with a 1 year warranty from Barcelona Designs.

Imagine the empty space in your living area, place this lamp right between the 2 lounge chairs and the oak wood coffee table or place it in the corner of your glass conference room in your up to date office, this piece was crafted to add on to style while providing utility as well.

Currently running at a great discount on the website, don’t even think twice before making your purchase here – Arco Lamp Replica 

Let there be light, in style.


Arco Floor Lamp Replica

Price: $ 479.00

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