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In the eternal battle between leather sofas vs fabric sofas, some victories are taken by the one side, and some others by the other side. Lets see how leather and fabric behave face-to-face when it comes to daily maintenance.

Fabric sofas: A cleaning routine

If you have a fabric sofa, you will need to take off the upholstery cover on a regular basis to wash it in the washing machine. It has to be on a regular basis, otherwise your cushions will show clearly the pass of time and spills in your life.

Is better if your sofa or chair cushion has a zipper. Take the proper care of the type of fabric and the cleaning method. Take note if your washing machine has the capacity to receive all your cushions.

On the other hand, a leather sofa or couch has a very much simple way of cleaning. Just use a damp cloth and it will be enough. Using leather cleaning solutions must be taken with precaution and apply just quality cleaners.

Leather: A light maintenance

On the leather field news are lighter. In a ordinary basis, a leather couch only requires a damp cloth to take away dust. Actually leather care has to do more about some minimal precautions to guarantee a long life for your beloved sofa.

Protect your  Barcelona Sofa from direct sunlight. It’s best if you protect your chair from direct sunlight to avoid any damage to the leather. If you have it placed next to a big window, this doesn’t mean you have to find the chair another spot to be in. Cover it with a blanket when you’re not using it and your place is intensely sunny.

Do not soak your chair. Most of the specialists in leather recommend just a damp cloth. A damp cloth with some water will do the trick with an everyday cleaning routine. Nevertheless, it’s important to be aware of how much water you use to clean your chair though. After all, it is a chair, not a dish.

Use leather conditioner. To use leather conditioner it’s worth it in the long run. After some time of using the leather conditioner, you start seeing the difference. Your chair will not decay from use as fast as it would, and the leather will feel nicer to the touch. Stay away from chemical formulas that contain mineral oil or petroleum, those only cause further damage.

As you can see, when it comes to maintenance, leather provides an easy way to handle, while fabric requires constantly dedicated care. So, there is one more reason to invest in quality classic renderings, like the  Barcelona Sofa

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