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Get to know all the features of the Le Corbusier sofa, one of our most wanted sofa reproductions.

Before getting deeper into the Le Corbusier sofa’s features, we truly believe that is important for you to know the designer of this original model. Since we not only want you to give a Christmas present to furnish a house but also to give them a gift with a historical value. To achieve this is crucial to be aware of the history and the process that the designer passed to create the iconic furniture piece. 

In this case, since we are introducing you to the Le Corbusier sofa, we will give you a brief background of its authentic designer: Le Corbusier.

Le Corbusier: the father of modernism

Le Corbusier is also known as the father of modernism since he not only contributed significantly to the evolution of furniture designs but also gave part of the necessary foundations to achieve what is currently known as modernism. These contributions helped to transform the construction process of buildings and urban planning, making them more optimal and using new prefabricated materials such as steel, glass, and concrete.

Le Corbusier’s architectural style is influenced by rationalism and functionalism, this is demonstrated through his furniture and modern buildings, in which he gets rid of all ornamentation and focuses on what is merely necessary. For this reason, the furniture collection designed by this modern icon proves to be fully functional.

This is one of the points we wanted to reach, to show you through the influences and ideas that the designer had when creating the Le Corbusier sofa. By being influenced by movements such as rationalism and functionalism, its main objective was to simplify the structures of the architectural currents existing until then (especially after the rise of Art Nouveau) to the point of satisfying only the main function of each space and resorting to forms simple geometric. For this reason, the collection to which this sofa belongs has one of the simplest geometric figures: the square.

The Le Corbusier sofa, the comfy piece you need for the Christmas season

Now that we have introduced the father of modernism, is time to describe to you the great features that the Le Corbusier sofa has to offer you. Scroll down and check them!

  • Upholstered in Top Grain premium Italian leather- Highest Grade with Stain Protection
  • The frame is constructed of solid #304 premium grade stainless steel for stronger support and resistance to chipping, corrosion, and rust; a mirror-like finish
  • Rounded steel frame angles are heat bent versus cut and weld
  • Removable and replaceable cushions
  • Double Reinforced nylon spring web platform for comfortable support
  • Premium zipper on cushions to easily replace the foam if needed
  • High-density foam with Polyester filling for the great support and soft feeling
  • No assembly required
  • Best-in-Class 10 Years Warranty

If you would like to know more don’t hesitate to ask us. Comment below or talk with an agent, we are to help you decorate your home with iconic furniture.