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Le Corbusier Jeanneret Perriand
Now it looks like a standard design, nut back in the 1920s the LC5 was a revolution in its field.

This kind of question doesn’t have a definitive answer, of course. There are many fields in Interior Design where you can select a clever, creative and beautiful design that change the state of the art since its release.

There are many examples of disrupting designs and products in the world of design, such as the Ford T at the beginning of the 20th century with automobiles; the Swingline stapler in the 60s in the office world, or the iPhone in the 2000s, when it comes to smartphones.

In all cases, those designs and products pursuing to erupt in the market and change the game, setting new rules, and principles.

When it comes to furniture, what Le Corbusier made in the first half of the XX century with the sofa, was something revolutionary, too. He totally changed the way people tend to think about good furniture, from something luxurious and expensive to something accessible, efficient and practical, while keeping the standards of beauty and elegance.

The result of this effort was the LC5 Sofa Bed or Le Corbusier LC5.

Le Corbusier replaces the traditional materials used in furniture (wood, luxury fabrics, feathers), using more industrial and cheaper sources. In its design, the purpose is above aesthetics.

LC5 Sofa Bed white

As he said in a famous quote: “Chair is architecture; sofa is bourgeoise”. With that, it meant that luxury material and exaggerate pursuit of comfort end in damage to the design itself. Balance is always the right path. You can find the LC5 in the traditional design houses at very expensive prices, but in Barcelona Designs you will find offers of high-quality replicas at affordable prices.