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The Barcelona Chair is certainly an icon of Design, taste and functionality. Time has become one of the definitive judges for this piece, created in 1928 by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

Few people could have foreseen that 92  years later, the Barcelona Chair, and the Barcelona Collection, would still have that impact in the world of Interior Design, as one of the preferred options for the American consumers, designers and even TV and movie designers that take it as an integral element of their sets, just like it happens with other Mid Century Modern pieces of furniture.
Such popularity make that decor enthusiasts and fans of Mid Century Modern ask about the cost of the Barcelona Chair, and keep the image of a very expensive luxurious furniture piece. Is it really this way? 

Is the Barcelona Chair an expensive piece of furniture?

The short answer is no. The market of pieces of design has generally three basic segments. The traditional design houses, the low cost manufacturers and the replica’s market.

Traditional design houses

In the traditional design houses the cost of a Barcelona Chair is the cost of the original design and that includes the license of the original brand. That increases sharply its cost. Certainly, you will get a product of outstanding quality, but maybe have better plans for the price you will pay for one chair only. The average price for a Barcelona Chair is about 6,000 USD in one of this houses.

Low-cost stores.

On the other extreme, low-cost furniture stores offer reproductions of the Barcelona Chair at a very low range. But always keep in mind that a low-end chair doesn’t mean a cheaper chair.  How do you obtain a low-cost Barcelona Chair? . With low ends, a smaller measure overall, bad quality leather, a hollow frame, low-cost foam, and so on. In the long term, a cheap Barcelona  Chair will cost you a fortune if you think of its poor comfort, and low expectancy of life. Low-cost chairs may last 6…months in average, before it starts to loose luster and begins to deteriorate. 

The Barcelona Chair Replica: The Smart Choice.

But there is a way you can get the quality of a design piece with an affordable price. The market of replicas. Born in the middle of the furor for Mid Century Modern Style at the beginnings of the 2000s, the market of replicas is characterized by a true commitment to the rendition of the original design by the mastermind behind the piece. The output of this commitment is unavoidably a piece of high quality, manufactured only with the materials indicated by design and assembled with craftsmanship and precision, according to precise procedures and techniques to obtain the desired standard of quality. When it comes to the market of replica’s the objective is a quality product with the spirit of the original creation. 

The Barcelona Chair Replica, by Barcelona Designs.

With an unbreakable commitment to quality and beauty, Barcelona Designs has the best offer in quality replicas of this classic piece of Interior Design. 
An iconic “X” shape frame, constructed from a superior grade single-piece stainless steel block for ultimate durability, stronger support, and resistance, supports the chair cushions using High-Density Foam, and each cushion surface features individually cut and sewn leather panels for optimum detailing. Each cushion foam is wrapped in Synthetic Silk underneath the leather upholstery to allow airflow. This gives you a great sensation of comfort. And every cushion foam is wrapped in Synthetic Silk underneath the leather upholstery to allow airflow. This gives you that particular feeling of comfort and relaxation.

The Best leather for the best Chair

The upholstery is the place when our senses finally met the chair, so the best leather is a guarantee of comfort and pleasure to seal our approval of this piece of design. One distinctive feature of the Barcelona Chair Replica has to do with its 100% Full Grain Premium-Italian Leather upholstery, exclusively hand-picked by expert mid-century craftsmen. With some Heavy Grade Leather saddle straps color-match the upholstery; and both sides of the leather straps are finished for extra strength and longevity the final result is both charming and endurable to our touch and our eyes. 

A product worthy of its creator. What would say Ludwig Mies van der Rohe of the Barcelona Designs rendition of its Barcelona Chair? Taking into consideration that it meets the expectation of his philosophy of work, there is no doubt that he would be satisfied. Attention to the details, an experimental approach to the use of materials, and the priority of function over design,  the Barcelona Chair Replica is your best choice by far. If you want to experience the comfort and pleasure that it feels to have a Barcelona Chair, don’t hesitate any longer, and go to Barcelona Designs, where you can get the higher quality of an Original piece at a fraction of the cost.