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Maybe you are thinking to invest in a Barcelona Chair, but you think that it can be too expensive. Reality is that right now there are several ranges of prices for several budgets, but only one smart choice, in our opinion. 

Yo can find low cost stores, for example.  But keep in mind that cheap doesn’t mean inexpensive. These superb low prices will come with more disadvantages than anything else. Low ends pieces have an awful, unfinished look. . Low ends means smaller measures, poor quality materials and a very short term expectancy of functioning. You can see your beloved Barcelona Chair crumbling after only six months of a regular use. 

When it comes to traditional Design Houses, historically, there were traditional design houses with the license of manufacturing of this pieces. Usually, they charge costs of license and brand, so they have very large prices. If you buy a Barcelona Chair from a design house, you will certainly get a high quality product, but maybe the budget you reserve for this purposes can be used for several other purposes. 

We dare to say that a replica is your smart choice. A replica is rendering of the original piece that follows the original design, committed to quality and true to the expectations of its original creator. With a replica, you can get an exact reproduction of the original piece with a high-quality standard, but unlike the traditional house, a replica store doesn’t pay a license for the exclusive use of the brand. It can provide you then of a high-quality product at an affordable price.

Barcelona Chair
The Barcelona Chair, part of the Barcelona Collection

You can get the best replicas of the Barcelona Chair in Barcelona Designs.