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Have you ever thought that many of those flagship products that earned great fame and worldwide attention and that you’ve probably also wished to have some time in your life have replicas on the market that are very affordable, true to the original design, and very convenient from every point of view?

Indeed, the replica market has earned the respect and consideration of millions of users around the world because it’s a source of achievable alternatives for many. In the world of interior design and décor, some fixtures such as the Arco lamp by the Castiglioni brothers are a worthy example of this.

The Arco Lamp replica by Barcelona Designs can be mentioned because it’s a model that fully respects all the details that the Italians assigned to its original creation, making it one of the most innovative and admired floor lamps of the last century.

This is very important because it means that people can access these types of products without having to invest the several thousand dollars that an original design of this magnitude can cost.

Many probably think that an Arco Lamp reproduction doesn’t have the same materials and, therefore, cannot provide the same durability, beauty, and functionality, but just take a look at its large Carrara marble base and its imposing stainless steel arch to understand that it’s a product that can hardly be differentiated from the original unless you’re an expert.

Why Are There Replicas of This Lamp?

When we mention the popularity of the Arco lamp we mean that, in Italy alone, according to certain estimates, there’s an Arco lamp in at least 10% of Italian homes. This not only means astronomical sales figures but is also evidence of how people have received this design with such acclaim since its introduction in 1962.

The Arco lamp is much loved for its elegant and striking aesthetic. It’s also recognized as one of the most functional floor lamps because it can provide overhead light comfortably and practically. The sturdy base can be positioned up to two meters away from the reflector head and the user can move freely around it without fear of tripping over the piece of marble.

This allows them to focus the light source on a certain point very conveniently while doing some detailed activity, manual work, or just want more accentuated task-based lighting.

The Arco lamp became, over the decades, an undisputed icon of the Mid-Century Modern style and earned a place of honor in all kinds of environments from bedrooms to dining rooms, living rooms, offices, and even open-concept floor plans. It’s difficult for a visitor not to marvel and be pleasantly surprised to find it. After all, it was its overwhelming minimalist spirit and the advanced technical sense of its creators that made it great in every way.

An Arco lamp means a very valuable acquisition that will improve your quality of life on many levels. It’s never too late to discover all the wonders of this fantastic design and the advantages of acquiring a replica that has nothing to envy to the original product.