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The answer is “Yes”. It is really easy and simple to unfold the LC5 Sofa Bed. Actually, you don’t even have to unfold the LC5 Sofa Bed, you just have to pivot the back seats, and you have your bed already!

LC5 Sofa Bed White
Source: Catelan Arrendament
The versatile LC5 Sofa Bed is available in Barcelona Designs

This is one of the advantages of the LC5 Sofa Bed and not the only one of course. Its marvelous design dates from 1935, and it keeps with barely any changes today. The pivot system of the LC5 Sofa releases it of the problems associated with most of the brands of others sofa bed in the market:

You don’t have to move all your furniture in the living room to get the bed out. The simple pivotal movement backward of the back seats is enough, and promptly you can go to sleep, easily. Your only worry will be to look for a blanket and some pillows.

You don’t have to lift any weight to get the bed ready. With other sofa beds, you have to lift a mattress. This could be heavy and maybe not all the family members would be capable of getting the bed if they need it. Nothing of this happens with an LC5 Sofa Bed, that can be used easily by any member of the family.

Besides, we can’t forget the most important: the LC5 Sofa Bed is soft and comfortable as the best sofas in the market. Again, due to his wonderful design.

Barcelona Designs LC5 Sofa Bed

Source: NorthRidge CountryClub

So, If you want to give you the opportunity to enjoy a comfortable and smart way of rest and relax, in Barcelona Designs, you will find this piece for a very affordable price.