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Daybeds have experienced a great surge in popularity recently. They are particularly versatile because you can use them as a couch during the day and as a bed at night when it’s cleared of extra pillows.

They’re truly lifesavers when someone needs to stay overnight in a hurry. Unlike a sofa or a couch, you can position daybeds almost anywhere in the room, not just against the wall.

The Barcelona Daybed

Barcelona Daybed

The iconic Barcelona couch or Barcelona Daybed as it’s also known was originally designed by Mies van der Rohe. This big star in our Barcelona Collection is a nice counterpart to mid-century modern pieces in our Best Sellers and different from any traditional chair out there. 

With no back, a tufted mattress-like seat and a simple neck-roll pillow, the Barcelona Daybed is a mid-century modern icon meant to be floated in the room rather than pushed up against the wall or smothered in pillows.

Our Barcelona Daybed replica is expertly built following Mies van der Rohe’s exacting standards: The Barcelona Day Bed sits upon on a polished tubular stainless steel base and a strong ash wood platform finished with a protective clear lacquer.

Mid-century Modern Design

Barcelona Daybed

Taken from a single cowhide, 72 individual panels are then cut, welted and tufted with leather and buttons, all by hand. For additional comfort, its cushions are filled with high-end, fire retardant, urethane foam. For cushion support, 17 straps are stretched over a rubber webbing.

Finally, its characteristic matching leather bolster, unique to the Barcelona Daybed, is secured to the cushioning platform with straps and lock snaps for additional support.

Regarded as a crucial accomplishment of mid-century modern furniture design, the Barcelona Day Bed is a piece worthy of royalty. Reminiscent of the days of the glorious Roman Empire, the Barcelona Day Bed will imbue the same sense of nobility and greatness to your home and office.

Is it a Daybed or a Couch?

Barcelona Daybed

When it comes to the Barcelona Daybed, it seems the terms “couch” and “daybed” are often used interchangeably, but in Barcelona Design we’ve decided to use “daybed” for this piece of mid-century modern design. It’s one of few differences with the originals. 

Why have decided on this term? Because sometimes the way you use a piece determines what you call it. As we mentioned above, we believe the Barcelona Daybed is a mid-century modern icon meant to be floated in the room rather than pushed up against the wall or smothered in pillows.

What’s next?

Now that you’ve learned everything you need to know about our Barcelona Daybed replicas, it’s your turn to take action and order yours today in our store. And tell us: Do you have a piece of furniture like any of the ones featured here? What do you call it?