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A daybed can be a very versatile and fun item to do interior design with if you want to add accent and style to your living room without much hassle. It is also one of the furniture items that seems specifically aimed at living rooms per se, even though there are a lot of daybeds that were created to be used outdoors. Daybeds are still a big mystery for a lot of people, so how can you make the best of the one you already have or place a new one around your space? Let’s find out.

Barcelona Daybed

The perfect example of a contemporary daybed is, of course, our very own gorgeous Barcelona daybed replica, inspired by the original Barcelona Couch from the 1920s. This iconic reproduction is only one piece from our outstanding Barcelona collection of mid-century modernist replicas, an homage to the works of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. At $1,900, our Barcelona daybed might be a great place to start thinking about including this type of furniture in your living space.

Where and how to use a daybed

Initially, a Barcelona daybed is supposed to go against a wall, though you can skip this part if your leisure space is big enough to handle it as a centerpiece. One thing you should never do is think of the daybed as your regular bed, which stretches vertically from the wall. A daybed is best placed horizontally, as the edge of a square-shaped living room configuration.

A Barcelona daybed can also double as a couch but this can be a little counterproductive. After all, they usually don’t feature backs to adopt a sitting position, you’re also meant to lie on them most of the time. The seating part is mostly casual. The daybed can be a very helpful item for resting, so feel welcome to decorate it with as much pillows, blankets, and cushions as you see fit. That is, of course, unless the whole idea of your interior design relies on the daybed as both a comfort aid and a decorative piece, in which case you should probably abstain from hiding its naturally-occurring elegance and sleekness.

The flexibility and elegance of the Barcelona daybed

A great place to think about setting the Barcelona daybed is against the wall, somewhere near the entrance to your living space. This would make its usage even more casual, as the main intention would be for you to use it as the first place to unwind after getting home. Daybeds must have a head cushion (otherwise they’re just big benches), and this particular feature makes them perfect for a quick nap or a long reading session. As such, Barcelona daybeds are perfect companions for arched floor lamps and vice versa, with the ability to create a personal R&R area that mimics the purpose of the lounge chair and ottoman, for example.

A Barcelona daybed can also be a very comfortable item for a study or library room, providing you with essentially a second bed for those days in which you just can’t afford to exit your home office, or your just too tired and relaxed to take a few steps towards your actual bedroom. Daybeds on the living room are also good companions to coffee tables, other couches, and even plants, though be careful not to place it near anything that might fall on you while you’re using it. You must remember to enjoy your daybed as much as you can, as that is its primary purpose. Few furniture items are as functional and simple in its mission, and few furniture items are also as elegant, ornate, and appealing.