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Mid-century modern house
White Barcelon Chairs (from behind) Credits: Kimberlee Marie

Mid-century movement and contributors

Before dive into our protagonist of today: the Barcelona chair, it is appropriate to take this opportunity to talk about the interesting background that the modern movement of the mid-century has. Mid-century modernity is a very complete and large movement, encompassing areas such as graphic design, urban development, the product, and what is most important to us today; interior design.

Mid-century modern has transcended over the years thanks to its authenticity. Today, people still adore including pieces like Barcelona chair into their design because these pieces are composed of stylish and different materials, they show clean lines, organic shapes, and the best! They always attract or catch everyone’s attention.

But! Creating such a refined style took a lot of attribution from various brilliant figures like Ray & Charles Eames, George Nelson, Mies van der Rohe, and other designers. This last designer specifically was a German-American architecture who left a legacy with his “less is more” approach. His legendary career began humbly in his father’s masonry business, which gave him an early appreciation for material and structure.

He didn’t stop until he found perfection and that’s when he created famous pieces of art like the Barcelona Collection, Villa Tugendhat, Farnsworth House, and more.

The Barcelona collection was created in the context of the Universal Exhibition of Barcelona 1929, and specifically for the use of the Spanish royal couple on the occasion of their visit to the German Pavilion. The surprising thing about this creation is that although Mies had the intention that the armchair and the stool were only used for that occasion, a year later he created the complementary elements. That’s when the Barcelona chair comes to life!

Barcelona chair: the icon piece from the collection

Barcelona Chair

This impressive chair is the complement to any room, with its neutral and adaptable style, you can place it next to any piece and it will immediately enhance the whole environment.

The Barcelona chair features Italian leather, a stainless steel frame, and 40 individual hand-cut, welded and tufted panels. And this is just the beginning! In addition to its minimalist shape and elegant details, it can offer more than you think. Take a look at these 5 things you may or may not know about the Barcelona chair features:

  1. Available in 100% Full Grain Premium-Italian Leather upholstery, exclusively hand-picked by expert mid-century craftsmen.
  2. The cushioned surface features individually cut and sewn leather panels for optimum detailing.
  3. Heavy Grade Leather saddle straps color-match the upholstery; both sides of the leather straps are finished for extra strength and longevity.
  4. The frame is constructed from a superior grade single-piece stainless steel block for ultimate durability, stronger support, and resistance to chipping, corrosion, and rust;
  5. Dimensions and Specifications true to the original design, which are:
  • Overall Height:31″
  • Overall Width:30″
  • Overall Depth:30″
  • Seat Height:17″

Did you know about all the features of the Barcelona chair? Comment below!