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Adding new pieces of furniture like a Barcelona bench or simple table is always kind of challenging because most people don’t try to understand what style they want and which color palette to use. If you are a fan of interior design -I suppose that is why you are reading this- and want to clarify these doubts, today we are going to make it easy for you!

barcelona white bench

color wheel
Source: wikipedia

Choosing the right color combinations through color theory is crucial to creating outstanding interior designs. So, let’s dive in a little bit into this interesting theme: Color scheme. If you already know the basics about it you can jump to the next topic.

Color schemes begin by examining the color wheel, there you find three color groupings: primary colors, secondary colors, and tertiary colors. Using this wheel, the color theory then separates into two categories: warm and cool tones 

Warm tones, like red, orange, and yellow can animate a space and its occupants. Cool tones such as blue, green, and purple generally create pacific and cold atmospheres.

Choosing between these for a good distribution is an important aspect of interior design. For this task, it’s primary to reach the objective that everyone wants: big and authentic space. Let’s check some of the most common color palettes.

Knowing color palettes – Which one do you have or want?

There are plenty of color schemes you could have or use, but today we’ve listed one of the most common. 

Scroll down and identify yours!

  1. Monochromatic:

This scheme includes derivations from a single tint, shade, or hue. They are pretty simple to use since the tones are always similar. Take a look at the example below; one blue color in different tones.

  1. Analogous 

This palette includes harmonizing colors that are next to each other on the color wheel we mentioned before. This is why they usually create a calm and comfortable vibe in the design is used.

colours of Analogous pallete
Source: color hex

  1. Complementary

The last palette we’ll mention is the complementary which is composed of two opposite colors on the color wheel. Just like the picture below.

complementary colors example
Source: wikipedia

Adding the Barcelona Bench according to your color palette

Now that we have a brief notion of color schemes let’s check a couple of examples of how we can add the amazing Barcelona bench to our living room, bedroom, office, or any space we’d like.

For neutral color palettes such as a monochromatic

Living room decoration with barcelona chairs
Source: homedit

You can add a bench between these two Barcelona chairs, as you can see it will perfectly fit due to the gray variations that come from one color; black.

For more vibrant colors such as the complementary palette

Source: ofdesign

This is an exceptional design! Don’t you think? This use of colors expresses a peaceful and modern atmosphere. The only thing missing is our white Barcelona bench, a perfect place to put could it next to the tables.

And for a more elegant palette such as analogous

What do you think is missing here? Yes! Our perfect and complimentary piece, a black Barcelona bench replica.

We hope these designs will help you in your decoration process, remember using color palettes for inspiration and space distributions.

If you want any suggestions comment below!