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An open concept place, like a kitchen-living room; or a dining room- living room (in our apartment or in our house) is always pleasant. They give us a sense of dynamics in our place and improves our communication with all the people around us.

Barcelona Designs has the best Tulip Tables in the market.

Of course, this trend works better in small, medium places. Big spaces have other demands.

When you open the kitchen and living room you restore some sense of intimacy between you and your guests or relatives. The diner is on its way in the kitchen while your guests wait in the living chatting with you. There are more potential interactions. It is more fun.

Against it: You better learn to cook very well, because they will know quickly!

To make it happen, use some elements of color to link the spaces. The color of the walls in both spaces, or maybe the color of the kitchen and the color of the cushions on your sofa.

Nevertheless, a very organic way to link your spaces is through a common shape, like the table. If you have a Tulip Table in your kitchen- dining room and a Tulip Table in your living room, that’s an elegant way of uniting. It’s a perfect mix due to the versatility of the Tulip, which has several sizes and colors. So, a medium-big size dining table, has one replica in the living room, with a couple of little side tables or a coffee table.

You can get the best Tulip Table in Barcelona Designs, the best store for quality and affordable prices.