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Whether you work remotely or often take your work home (shame), you need a well-rounded, dedicated workspace. But, when you begin to set up your home office, it’s hard to identify what furniture you will need to get your home office up and running and work productively.

We’ve come up with a complete yet efficient list of what you need in your home office, we strongly recommend you use our selection of mid-century modern furniture Best Sellers Office Chairs, we’re talking, of course, about our Eames Office Chairs.

Use this checklist to create the perfect place to work from home:

Build a Solid Foundation

Eames Office Chair

Your home office starts with the right desk. 

But before you make a purchase, consider how much space you have available. 

Take the time to get the measurements of the place you’ll want an office desk right.

This will prove particularly helpful if you’re working with a small room or one that requires a specific size.

Keep in mind also what you’ll do in your home office. For example, if you’re the kind of user that needs some extra space, consider something that offers a storage solution.

Sit on the Job

Even if you use a standing desk to mix things up, you’ll eventually spend some time sitting at your home office. So take the time to ensure that the chair you choose to it’s comfortable.

We offer a break from the traditional black executive chair with an Eames Office Chair for something with a bit more of a mid-century modern design element.

Light it Up!

Having a well-lit home office is essential to keep eye-strain at bay. Not only that, lighting is a great way to upgrade your home office style. You can do more than adding a desk lamp that will light your way.

Get Organized

Create separate stations on your desk that are designated by tasks. This will help you understand your workspace visually. Styled organizational tools, like boxes and filing trays, will go a long way into making your home office interesting and organized.

Happy Home Offices, Happy People

Eames Office Chair

Finally, incorporate things that make you happy. You’ll spend a significant amount of time in your home office, so you’ll want to make it space where you’re actually willing to sit and work for a long time.

For example, some plants will increase happiness when placed at your desk. Inspiration boards, idea books, whimsical bookends, accessories, all of these can make your home office one of your favorites rooms in your house.

After using this checklist, you are on your way to creating a streamlined and efficient home office.