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Decorating your home office can be tremendously difficult. From finding the right space and office chairs to ergonomics, style, dealing with distractions and more. The amount of things to take care of is endless. Most of us are not used to dealing with these because we worked in offices that were already furnished for us. But the way this space in your home is arranged will greatly impact your productivity and the way you feel at home. We’re here to help you tackle and decorate your home office once and for all.

One of the biggest temptations of decorating your own home office is to forget the traditional office furniture in favor of more stylish and prettier furniture in a style that blends with the rest of your home. We get it. But let’s not forget that office chairs are designed with many features in mind that don’t apply to home furniture. We’re talking about ergonomics and features like height adjustability, lumbar support and more. Consider this, but remember no one is stopping you from choosing something like an Eames molded plastic chair for your home office. It’s your home, after all, you can do what makes you happy!

Consider this blog article a list of suggestions to decorate your home office more than a strict set of rules. We don’t want you to feel restricted at all. 

Check Your Ergonomics

First thing first. Before you can start decorating your home office, you need to pay attention to how you feel after a few hours working at your desk at home. If you have any pain or soreness, it’s time to check the ergonomics of your home office setup.

  • Your office chair height should be adjusted so that your feet can be flat on the ground.
  • Align your screen with your sightline to avoid eye strain and shoulder stiffness. If you use a laptop instead, consider putting it on a stand to adjust the height.
  • A few cushions/pads can help you keep your wrists elevated as you type and use the mouse. This is particularly helpful if you spend a lot of time on the computer.
  • Check the lumbar support of your chair. You can always add a cushion if you have been experiencing lower back pain. But know that that’s not ideal.

Change your office chair

The ideal situation is that you have a truly great office chair that can meet all your ergonomic needs. Finding the right office chair can be extremely hard. Sure, you can go to any local office supply store and pick one up, but let’s be honest here: Those might be functional, but they’re often seriously lacking in many things. 

The right office chair should keep you comfortable while you work so that you can stay inspired and happy in your workspace and without feeling any pain at the end of the work session. If you asked us what are our favorite office chairs, we would, of course, talk about the Eames Offices Chairs in the Eames Aluminum Group.

Particularly the Eames Ribbed Office Chair, the Eames Soft pad Management Chair, and the Eames Soft pad Executive Chairs. These office chairs have been a popular design since their introduction in 1958, Why? What about their gorgeous silhouette, their distinctive form and a wide range of material options that help you make a statement when they’re placed in your home office.

Think that these office chairs were originally designed in 1958 and even after 60 years they’re still tremendously popular. We bet you have seen at least one of these chairs in almost every office setting in TV shows and movies. The Eames Office Chairs are perfect for all kinds of places, from classic and contemporary home offices to more hip, cool workplaces.

Include decor accessories

Think of decor accessories that can enhance your working experience in your home office. Consider, for example, using an ottoman tucked beneath your desk to use as a footrest. You can also pull it out and use it as a mini side table for stacks of books and magazines.

Get extra work surface


One great way to stay organized is to avoid clutter pileups by incorporating an additional work surface near your desk. This will help you keep your computer area clean and clear and provide dedicated space where you can spread out things related to a project and not worry about cleaning it up to be able to work.

Keep the little ones busy

Ask a mom, any mom that has ever tried to work from home while caring for her children. They will tell you how hard it is to really get something… anything, done! 

If you have little ones at home, you would greatly benefit from setting a special designated space for your children and make it kid-friendly. Sure, in an ideal world, you would just close the door and everyone would not bother you. But if your children are anything like mine, they’ll want to be with you wherever you go.

Fill this space with toys and things to keep them busy, though. Anything to keep them busy. Here are a few kid-friendly suggestions:

  • Chalkboard or chalkboard wall
  • Playhouse or play cupboard that children can climb into
  • Child-height activity table and chairs
  • Comfy rug
  • Baskets or bins of toys or art supplies
  • Play kitchen 

Work with what you have

For example, if your only available home office space is in a spare closet, that doesn’t mean it has to feel like second best. 

When converting a closet into an office keep in mind the following:

  • Lighting is key. Add an overhead source of lighting in the ceiling and one or two desk lamps. This will help you avoid the feeling that you’re trapped.
  • Check the measurements of your office chair before buying to be sure they will fit comfortably in your office.

Plan your office storage

Don’t forget about cabinets and storage areas directly around your desk for frequently used essential items. Office supplies that were bought in bulk or any equipment that is seldom used should be stored in a different space so it doesn’t get in the way.

Surround yourself with things you love

Ask yourself: What do you need to add to really love your home office? Incorporate your favorite colors, artwork, photos, plants and personal items to your home office. Don’t forget to get rid of that ugly tech equipment or the bulky binders of old paperwork material. You don’t really need that kind of negativity in your life.

Keep a clean and clear desktop

The last advice that we can give you is that you should commit yourself to keep a clean and clear desktop. Make a habit of clearing your desk at the end of the day and stay organize and your productivity and peace of mind will increase through the roof.

Now that you’ve learned everything you need to know about our Eames Office Chairs, it’s your turn to take action and order yours today in our store. Try choosing from all the models available to see how it works in your home office! And remember you get a 10% discount on all our products!