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Living room

Buying mid-century furniture is an intimate subject. It’s not like you’re just purchasing chairs or lighting, you’re actually purchasing a particular style and look. Mid-century furniture is not really for everyone, as people’s tastes tend to differ. However, there is something for everyone in every mid-century catalog, in most cases, so the worst thing you can do is ignore it!

Barcelona Designs has gained traction as one of the best online retailers for mid-century modernist furniture. Our best-selling line is full of modern perks like the lounge chair (which looks great anywhere). We are here, however, for the other ones like the Womb chair, the Arco Lamp, and thes table.

Though some of these pieces might seem just too different from each other, and thus unable to exist together in one space, here’s some more information about how you can make the most of your site visit and maybe get yourself more than one of these iconic furniture staples.

Exploring Barcelona Designs catalog

We are currently featuring a wide array of best-sellers that especially focuses on the main big players in the mid-century modern style. As time goes by, we are looking to offer an even bigger variety of dining chairs, sofas, bedroom furniture, and even workspace furniture (though the jury’s still out on that one). Most of it will be unmistakably inspired by the mid-century modernist period.

However, as of today, if you’re looking to furnish your space with mid-century icons, a minimum budget of $2,000 can work miracles. Though most people like to buy individual replicas and don’t usually think about getting more than one, we recommend that you consider some of the ideas we’ll pose here because buying more than one replica can help your space look more complete.

For example, consider the combination of Barcelona chairs and a table, all of which are outstanding, as well as throwing an Arco Lamp into the mix to make the overall look of your living room more varied. We would also recommend you get yourself a Womb chair with the Arco Lamp if you have much smaller space, and don’t require as much furniture.

How do I put together a space with mid-century replicas?

This question might be a little confusing, what we mean is: how do I configure the furniture around my living room, bedroom, or home space to bring me the most comfort? You can easily do this by paying attention to what you’re buying and for what purpose. For example, consider lounge chairs as elements of leisure that are separate from couches, in the sense that the latter are used for a more active kind of seating.

Let’s also imagine a mid-century master bedroom. We will fill it with one of Barcelona Designs’ most iconic items, the Womb chair, and we also can consider including a Barcelona bench, as we’ve written before in many articles.

Now that we have the main, let’s try some configurations. Quite honestly, you can ditch a lounge chair entirely if you find a spot for a Barcelona daybed replica (or maybe put it on the bedroom as well). Place the daybed in front of the sofa and see how it looks. This would be the most ideal placing for it, unless there’s more room on the corners of the living room.

Now take a look at the Arco Lamp as a lighting choice. It’s always good to let lighting by the second thing on your list, because you’ll be spending most of your time at night requiring a light that’s capable of illuminating the entirety of the space. Get a lamp that can do this (the Arco Lamp) and possibly a lounge chair (we still recommend the Lounge chair for this).