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Womb Chair

Eero Saarinen was the mastermind behind the iconic Womb Chair design. It was devised thanks to his friend Florence Knoll’s request back in 1948. She asked her friend to design a chair that was like a basket full of pillows. He came up with the stylish womb shaped chair! It is not just elegant, but also fashionable. It looks great in a house and an office lounge. The stunning looks of this chair in particular perfectly blend with any interior décor style.

Here are few reasons how the Womb Chair replica can enhance your home:

  • Statement Worthy – You need to own this remarkable furniture piece. You will instantly make a statement to guests who walk into your house, apartment, VIP lounge or office.
  • Stylish – This stylish furniture piece dramatically elevates your space, while enhancing your home’s, lounge’s or offices’ aesthetics. Not only does it look artistic, it makes the space trendy and gorgeous, being a designer furniture piece.
  • Comfy – The idea behind this outstanding chair is to boost comfort. Is there anything more relaxing than sitting on a fluffy and soft chair? It’ll definitely provide users with comfort and warmth that may only be found in a womb.
  • Versatile – This terrific furniture piece may be used in homes, VIP lounges, as well as waiting halls of companies or business firms. Your friends, clients or business partners will surely pamper themselves and relax for quite a while. 

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