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The Noguchi table is still as iconic today as it was 40, 50 or 60 years ago. Indeed, thanks to the work of retailers like Barcelona Designs, as well as the original sellers of the table, the work of Isamu Noguchi is becoming more popular, and the Noguchi table is making the rounds around the most elegant furniture stores in the world. The Noguchi table replica by Barcelona Designs is also one of the best-selling renditions of this beloved coffee table from the mid-century modern era.

So, you might be wondering why exactly you should purchase one. We have to be honest and say that there is not an inherent reason why you should get yourself a Noguchi table replica. However, there are a lot of good pragmatic reasons why owning one might change the way your whole house looks, or maybe just your living room. In any case, you can’t really go wrong with a Noguchi table replica, you are purchasing something that comes with its own magic.

Changing your home by introducing a Noguchi table replica

When you buy one of these coffee tables you’re introducing an element that for many people might seem a little foreign: a different kind of geometry. Where most coffee tables are rectangular, square-shaped, or circular in nature, the Noguchi table replica is triangular, and that will immediately have an effect on your space and how you look at it. The way you move around the coffee table will be different, and even though this does not mean you have to change everything around it, the Noguchi table is going to change some things around itself.

First and foremost, flexibility. The space in which you set the Noguchi table is going to become a little more flexible. The triangular shape is going to change how you walk around it, as well as the overall look of your living room or home space. The aesthetic change is what many people look for when they consider this table. It adds to the eye-catching value of the Noguchi table replica. Getting yourself one of these tables means that you are relying on a completely different kind of table for your needs, it goes beyond the actual functionality of the table.

Why do people buy the Noguchi table replica?

We really can’t pinpoint a specific reason why people would be more drawn to this table than others, but when it comes to interior design, you have to admit that taking a table that looks like this into your space is a decision that’s not really ‘normal’ in the general sense. Again, you’re getting something that looks different from almost all coffee tables out there, so you’re making a conscious choice to deviate from the things that you already know work. This does not mean you are making a bad choice; it means that you are putting the look of the table before everything else. This can be very good for the future of your interior design scheme.

Barcelona Designs takes great pride in our ability to maintain the original look of the Noguchi table replica. This means that we construct it just exactly the way the original Noguchi table is constructed. Two pieces of wood that meet in a triangular manner, built in a way in which the actual base looks almost like it shouldn’t be supporting the glass pane, it looks almost magical, is what we mean. We try to keep the price as low as we can, and that means we can provide you with a quality product for less than you would pay at the original dealer. Much, much less.