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Finally 2020 came to its end, something that lots of people were expecting anxiously.  2020 was a singular year for all the planet, but in spite of that, people had to live, buy furniture and renovate its home. Even more, it was a year where many people took a more paused and detailed look of their homes to adequate them to they new realities. And that’s what the classic polls at the end oy the year take in consideration.

Let’s take a look at some interesting findings on the behavior of the consumer of furniture in 2020, especially when it comes to sofas, from a 400 people poll taken recently.

What is your favorite style of sofa?

The ongoing trend of modular and sectional sofas is gaining ground, and its now widely preferred over other styles. Track Arm and Mid Century Style are the other favorites, while an all time classic, like the Chesterfield sofa, is the last on the list. This has definitely to do with the growing trend of smaller homes and the need for get the most of your space, especially in the living room. Is this the end for more traditional choices, like the Woodrow Box?

What is your favorite material in a sofa?

Polyester is growing as the favorite material for sofas, due to the rising trend for rounded, colored sofas. This kind of design goes better with fabrics like microfiber, polyester. Leather, the classic material keep its popularity in a second place. With great classic designs like the Barcelona Sofa, or the LC2 Sofa

What is your favorite color of Sofa?

In spite of the growing trend of colorful sofas, when it comes to the big numbers, there are very clear winners. The color favorite for sofas in 2020 is grey, followed way behind by beige. Its very clear that neutral colors are still prevailing due to the great influence of the classical major decoration trends in the market as Mid Century Modern, Scandinavian or Coastal Living. Its up to 2021 to see if the rising trend of colorful rounded sofas will end taking the first place in sales and the preference of public in general.

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