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LC5 Sofa

For all the people in the world of Interior Design, at this very beginning of the year 2020, there are clear tendencies that will be seeing through all this year. Although Le Corbusier LC5 Sofa Bed, the iconic design of Mid Century Modern was created in the 1920s (and produced in scale in the 1960s); this beautiful sofa is still relevant and popular around the world. Let’s see how it fits the trends this year.

Colors: Sobriety never fades.

Since its very design, the LC5 Sofa had black and white as its trademark. The elegance and clean-cut of its design pairs perfectly with the B&W standards. This year, the choice of Blue Classic of Pantone impulse to adopt sober, calm tones, something very natural for the LC5 Sofa Bed.

Small spaces and minimalistic designs.

The trend for small spaces keeps on growing steadily because, in the cities, most of the people tend to live in little apartments. So, design and architecture have to respond properly. Those big Chesterfield sofas are really comfortable, but many can’t make it through the door of many new apartments. An LC5 Sofa Bed it’s not only quite comfortable but easy to move and to turn in bed, something every time is more and more requested in our dynamic societies.

The classics are still relevant.

Mid Century Modern, Scandinavian, Rustic-Country, are still very popular and requested in many places in America and Europe when it comes to interior design. Maybe this is because of its common affinities on minimalism, purpose above aesthetics and clean designs.

With an LC5 Sofa Bed in your living room or bedroom, you will certainly enjoy an elegant design that will give you a relaxing spot and a distinctive place to share. If you want to give yourself, or your beloved ones, the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful piece, in Barcelona Designs you will find the best quality in Mid Century Modern furniture for a fraction of the price of one original.