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And…No. We are not talking here about playing a Friday night cushion war. Instead, let´s talk about your living room, and how do you do get the most of it through different elements of decore, like the cushions, when your style is Modern Furniture.

Should the cushions have to match each other?. That’s a question raised frequently by the owners of a Living Room of, let’s say, Mid Century Modern Style. The thing is: they don’t have necessarily to match each other with the sofa, but they have to match with something. There’s when your creativity stands out.

With cushions, you can build connections between several spaces in the house. For example, they can match the same color of the dining room, in its wall or chairs of the dinner table. Therefore, if your house is an open space, you will help to relate both rooms with these elements.

You can, also, use the cushions to bring color to the living room. In that case, cushions have to match the color of the wall, or another focal point of the living, as, for example, a bench.

And if your sofa is a sober, neutral color piece of furniture, this game between furniture and cushions is much more effective. That is one of the advantages of the LC5 Sofa Bed, a highly recommendable classic Mid Century Modern sofa, of sober lines and elegant timeless design.

LC5 Sofa Bed Black
Source: Design Market, France

You can get the experience of a sofa like this in Barcelona Designs, where for a fraction of the price you will enjoy the comfort of a Design piece, made to last and to match perfectly with all your spaces.