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When you have the opportunity to stylish your place for the first time (or restylish it after a long time); it sure gets exciting. The decisions we make are going to be with us, literally, for a long time. So, how it’s done?

First of all, we must define what means furniture for us. By furniture, we talk about pieces that make functional the ordinary spaces of any home: Dining room, Bedroom, and of course Living Room. Pieces like tables and chairs, among others.

To settle your priorities, you should think about the next points:

  1. Do you have kids? and pets?
  2. Do you receive guests with regularity?
  3. Do you work at home?
  4. What’s your favorite style? What do you get along better?

That questions give you the hints to what should be your next priority. If you have kids and receive guests on a regular basis, your living room furniture has to be resistant and practical, with functionality over design. With these answers in your pocket, you can choose the combination of furniture items you deserve.

Keep in mind that some focal points are going to be always a priority. In a Living Room, the sofa, the coffee table, the rest chair, and the lighting are going to be always the center of attraction. Fireplace, curtains, TV set, plants, and wall art are important, but secondary elements, so you better take care of the priority in the beginning.

If you’re an enthusiast of Mid Century Modern, Barcelona Designs  is your best alternative to get quality replicas of design houses furniture pieces, at affordable prices. The main focal points of a gorgeous bedroom, like a Tulip Table, a Barcelona Bench; or an Arco Lamp, are here ready to take home.