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When you buy a Sofa Bed, many people fall in love with the cozyness factor; with its size and surfaces; and dream about to spent the night in it while watching TV.

But when the night comes, they realize something unexpected. To unfold their “superb sofa bed” is an enterprise, to say the least.

Barcelona Designs LC5 Sofa Bed
Source: Pinterest
The versatile LC5 Sofa Bed is available in Barcelona Designs

These are some of the most common inconvenient you suffer with certain types of sofa beds:

  • You need to move all your furniture in the living room when you unfold it. Ok, your sofa is great and extracozy, but when you pull out its bed, it’s so uncomfortable that it requires to move your center table, plants and even the TV set, to place it again in order. Additionally, you will have to do the inverse operation in the morning.
  • The mattress and bed are too heavy. Maybe very comfortable, but the weight of the mattress and bed make you think twice before unfolding it tonight.

So, isn’t supposed that you have a Sofa Bed to make you feel comfortable?

Now let’s think about the LC5 Sofa Bed. It’s, effectively a classic of design. But is not just because of its sober and elegant style. It is because it’s so practical to turn into a bed. You just have to pivot the back cushions and you’ll be enjoying your bed right away.

If you want to give you the opportunity to enjoy a comfortable and smart way of rest and relax, in Barcelona Designs, you will find this piece for a very affordable price.