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From a prolific creator like Hans Wegner, we can expect all kind of chairs, just like the Shell Chair. We know that the Danish mater designed at least 300 chairs, thought only the half one went to production. So, there are a lot of models and experimental designs to surprise us and delight us, with the imagination and witty craftmanship of this artist.

That is the case of the Valet Chair, a singular item of furniture that deserves some lines.

The Valet Chair

One really original piece of furniture, a Valet Chair is used for today and yesterday’s Gentleman to hang your clothes after a busy day. Gloves, even shoes can be conveniently stored there, in a elegant and functional way.

The Valet Chair, by Hans Wegner

The vision of Hans Wegner for a Valet Chair, is a model of refined functionality and beauty. Somehow like a combination of a butler chair and a bench.

How was conceived the Valet Chair?

The Valet Chair wasn’t created just from the imagination of the Danish master. It was the fruit of a deep talk with Steen Eiler Rasmussen, Professor of Architecture, and Bo Bojesen, a Designer. They were discussing the problems for the modern man to fold his clothes every night before going to bed.

In Interior Design there are no small problems, and making your life easier is a basic goal for every designer. The answer of Hans Wegner to the problem is this elegant, functional piece of furniture, that is not exempt from some sense of humor and fun.

The Valet Chair by Hans Wegner meets the standard set by Wegner with great success. It has a top rail that works as a coat hanger and a low rail for trousers. The seat has a space for storing, which works great for shoes.

Designed in the 1950s, the Valet Chair has some Design issues to attend before going to production. Wegenerian perfectionist, wasn’t satisfied with the four original chair, and came up with a solution to convert the original design from 4 legs to 3 legs.

Nevertheless, at the request of a special customer, one chair was sold with the original 4 legs. This special customer had the chance to take a look at the Valet Chair in its original design and felt that it was perfect this way. This customer asked for ten chairs, though it received them two years later.

The special customer was Frederik IX, King of Denmark.

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