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The quarantine has forced us to stay at home, causing us to somehow spend more time in the rooms of the home, especially the living room and bedroom.

Enhancing a living room can take more time to plan but starting by the bedroom is a great way to begin your improvement process. The bedroom is a kind of sanctuary for all of us, is the place where you find your calm, and can relax taking a nap or just by doing your favorite hobby. 

Creating a space to fit every activity mentioned can be challenging but by following these tips you can get closer to your dream bedroom. 

Scroll down and select your favorite!

Implement a spot to read by adding a Barcelona bench

A great option to maintain your mind working!

A Barcelona bench features a gorgeous Italian aniline leather upholstery and a solid stainless steel frame, it as thick cushioning, and distinctively laced tufts. 

By adding a Barcelona bench replica close to your window you will have an incredible space to sit and read while your view. 

You can also use it for multiple functions like arrange clothes, organize all the accessories and items when you go on vacation, and you can even receive messages on it.

Decorate Your Bed

If you like to make an outstanding design you can decorate your bed by adding the same Barcelona bench, a colorful frame, throw, and comfy pillows and hang a crafty pom-pom garland or a series of photos of you and your dear loved ones.

Opt for a bohemian detail

Bohemian style or details are must of the time welcome because they are so natural and immediately creates a peaceful space. If you agree with this idea try by adding a vibrant palm leaf, it will work as a focal point and if you like the beachy vibes, it’s a must!

Add a touch of art

Try hanging a painting by your favorite artist, this is also a great way to bring happiness and life to the whole room. Another way could be by adding a framed poster of your favorite band or movie. For example, I love the pulp fiction movie and I hung the face of the beautiful Uma Thurman in a steel frame over my bed.

Combine the sheets and lighting

This may be sound confusing but it’s basically related to the color of the lamp that you will put on your bedside table. For example, if you have a vibrant blue lamp, try to acquire sheets that match that blue such as cold tones like purple or another hue of the blue.

Mix textures

Don’t be afraid of using eye-catching textures or just different ones, you can combine two of them and result in a creative and great design.

So this is the end of our bedroom ideas, we want to know which idea you would implement and which one was your favorite. Comment below!