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Is elegant, sleeker, trendy and quite versatile. What else would you expect?. It’s the Barcelona Daybed.

The Barcelona Daybed in “Mad Men”

Inspired by the old ancient Roman and Egyptian tents, and released in the Barcelona International Exposition of Barcelona in 1928, the Barcelona Daybed is part of the Barcelona Collection, and one of the most influential collections of furniture in the XX Century. But since its release, the Barcelona Daybed has found a way to shine for itself. 

Sitting upon on a polished tubular stainless steel base.  It has a strong ash wood platform, delicately finished with a protective clear lacquer.  
Over this ash wood platform there are 72 individuals cushions full of comfort. Each one of them are filled with high-end, fire retardant, urethane foam. And 17 straps are used to stretch them over a rubber webbing.  But the trademark of the Barcelona Daybed is its rounded leather bolster, secured to the cushion platform with a pretty set of straps.

The charm of the Barcelona Daybed gets clear, when we think about how influential has become, even in movies and TV. Series like “Mad Men” used the elegance and attitude of this Mid Century Modern classic to enhance scenes. Just like when Betty, the wife of Don Drapper, goes to the psychoanalyst, and many interesting things have been said, but is interesting  too, to see all the furniture that a wealthy psychoanalyst in the 60’s set in its consulting room. Betty reclines in a Barcelona Daybed to express her inner thoughts. 

Regarded as a major achievement of mid-century modern furniture design, the Barcelona Day Bed is a piece worthy of royalty. Don’t lose the opportunity to experience the comfort and elegance of the Barcelona Daybed in Barcelona Designs