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If your home decor is outdated and is important for you to keep it trendy, don’t panic! there are several things you can do to get back in shape.

LC5 Sofa Bed white
The Le Corbusier Sofa Bed is available in Barcelona Designs and is a wonderful focal point for a remo.

First of all, take a look at what’s going to be your new style: Mid Century? Scandinavian? Shabby Chic? Keep it in mind.

You have to decide if in the short term you will assign a budget for renovation of furniture.

If you will not assign some budget for furniture, creativity is your main tool. Redistribute your furniture. Paint the walls. Rugs, plants, will help, too.

Redistribute your furniture taking in pieces from other rooms and taking out some from your living. Paint accordingly to the recent trends. In 2020, Blue Classic is the new standard. Some minor acquisitions, like a rug, or a couple of indoor plants will help.

But if you are willing to buy some furniture, with your idea of design clear, think about the main focal points you will have: A sofa, a coffee table, a TV set, a lighting set. It all is related to your style.

The best thing you can do then is to buy the main focal points, and see how they work in your place, before acquiring the complimentary decor pieces. The sofa turns to be, generally the main focal point in a living room. If your style is chosen is Mid Century Modern, an LC5 Sofa Bed, is your weapon of choice.  

For new furniture inspired by Mid Century Modern style, Barcelona Designs is the best online store. The LC sofa series, the Tulip Table, and the Barcelona Bench, for example, are available at affordable prices.