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According to the new trends 2020 in Interior Design, a Living Room and its furniture have a more dynamic approach than before. That view of heavy, extra comfort big as dominating the room, is maybe in decay.

Barcelona Daybed

A view with one big sectional or a big Chesterfield as the only relevant piece of furniture may result in excessive, overall if we talk about small spaces. 
In terms of balance and Interior Design, the bet is oriented for more sleek lines, clean-cut designs, that don’t overcharge your space, and that can be used increasing or reducing them depending on the dimensions of the room and the rest of your furniture. 

This is one of the reasons why the Barcelona Collection keeps on as one of the most endurable and successful collections of furniture of all time. Designed in 1928 but under a set of principles that made the shape of modern furniture, the Barcelona Collection has a clean-cut, sober, and elegant silhouette that has enough character to fill a room without overcharging it. 

Try your combinationOne of the strengths of the Barcelona Collection resides in its combination possibilities. If we just talk about sofas and chairs, the combinations are numerous, too. You can rely on the Barcelona Sofa, the Barcelona Loveseat and the Barcelona Chair  to distribute your main seats in  your Living Room, with one unified design. Depending of the measures and other features of the room, you can, for example, to set a Living Room with  a classic distribution of one piece of Sofa, Loveseat and chair, or just to play with your needs and following your designer instincts. Two Loveseats and one chair is one option with 5 seats; or two chairs and a Sofa, with 5 seats, too. There are lots of possibilities for your delight. Just go and trust your instincts!.

The items that form the Barcelona Collection are in the market of classic design houses, but you don’t have to pay the high prices of a design house to experience its beauty and convenience. The replicas market became an answer to a growing desire for high-quality designed furniture at affordable prices. Barcelona Designs is one of the best alternatives in quality and fidelity to the original idea while providing thoughtful customer service.