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Barcelona Chair

Get the look for your Room with The Barcelona Collection

If you are looking for some décor trends to create a great place, maybe you should take note of the latest tips from several specialized sources, with the  expected major décor tools in 2021.

To give an attractive look for your living room, you must learn to “read your room” and see what is really convenient for your place. Keep in mind that what is convenient for one living room is not necessarily convenient for your own place. Lightning, space, architectonic elements are not the same in each place, and they determine what fits better in your room.

Nevertheless, you can consider some elements that are “in” to introduce them in your living room. What elements are now worthy to review?

Integrated Hardware

Look minimal, seamless and sleek  while still offering a sense of design. Integrated hardware is considered more efficient. Besides, open, clear shelves force us to keep them always in order and clean.

Eco Friendly Fireplaces

Traditional ways of heating should be leave behind, and classical fireplaces emits CO2, and it’s costly to maintain. New technologies in fireplaces brings not only environmental benefits, but new aesthetic forms and patterns to our living rooms. A white Ottoman, Barcelona Ottoman in front of an electronic

Fireplace is a nice match between classic and modern design.

Kitchen Islands with Cantilevered Eat In Area

Kitchen Islands continue their rise as a preeminent place of American homes, and now they expand, with cantilevered areas to allow your family gathering around the kitchen in a comfortable way. Kitchen islands are now the center of many live transmissions by kitchen celebrities from their social platforms, like Instagram, Facebook  or Tik Tok.


Not only flower plants, but big, green plants. Besides, they are taking all the rooms of the house, and they are not restricting now to their traditional places (living room, kitchen, hallways), but other spaces.

Rattan and Wicker

Another winner trend in 2020, light wood is rocking, and it can be used in furniture (Ottomans, chairs, and arts (wall arts, sculptures).


Terrazzo was invented in Venice when workers took leftover, odd-shaped marble pieces and used them for flooring, the colors and shapes and combinations for this flooring have become endless. For a long time restricted to stairways and institutional spaces, now Terrazzo is widely accepted in residential spaces. A black Barcelona Sofa  looks great upon a Terrazzo.

Faux Marble

A curious case where the imitation works better than the original, Faux Marble is favored instead of original marble, due to its advantages for cleaning and maintenance. Original marble has the risk of constant blurring due to the common spillovers in places like the kitchen. The Tulip table has a faux marble top that makes it great.

If you want to enter the world of classic masterpieces of Design, don’t miss the opportunity in Barcelona Design, the place for classic timeless pieces, like the Barcelona Chair and the Hans Wegner Shell Chair.