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It’s Palm Springs. It’s an old low-slung, red tile roofed Spanish Style property. There is Architectural Digest, too, taking notice of everything. And at the center of the living room, there is a Pelican Chair to bring class, beauty, and relaxation to this distinguished space. Let’s see.

Jim John and his husband Craig Hartzman are the happy owners of a 5,000 square foot residence, located at the foothills of the San Jacinto mountains. A 1929 home rebuilt with a sense of taste and with a refreshing approach to keeping its original essence allowing some contemporary breeze.

Lucas Interior, a Seattle-based Design firm owned by siblings Suzie and David Lucas, did the work. They were commissioned to push the barriers and no stick to an orthodox old Spanish California style. They took it very seriously, and they call it: “Spanish on Steroids”.

The modern renovation was all a success, and when it comes to the home’s living room, they went into a almost maximalist approach.

In a large, natural-lighted place with a classic Spanish chequer pattern floor; an oversized ochre circular velvet sofa rests on a geometric B&W rug, with the company of four different tables (two center tables and two side tables).  When it came to color, the strong ochre from the circular sofa needed of an adequate contrast to complete the seating request in the room. The answer was a cobalt Finh Juhl’s Pelican Chair.

With its massive presence and avant-garde design, the Pelican Chair is the perfect element to seal a stunning décor proposal. In this case, due to its ability to counterbalance the oversize of the large rounded velvet sofa. That’s what makes the Pelican Chair the perfect accent model.

You can Get It

Maybe you are not the happy owner of a Palm Springs Residence, but if you have the same sense of class and enthusiasm for Modernism, the experience of a Pelican Chair can be yours. Barcelona Designs has the best Pelican Chair KnockOff in the market, and it can be yours for a fraction of the original price.

The Barcelona Designs Pelican Chair Replica has all the quality features to bring you a real Finn Juhl Pelican experience, as:

Solid wood slanted legs with walnut or natural ash finish

Fabric and Classic Suede upholstery

A strong molded fiberglass shell, with high-quality urethane foam

High elasticity dacron-wrapped foam with genuine down feather layer

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