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Is it possible to completely furnish a home just by using the best-sellers from our best selling line of products? We are talking about the Eames Lounge chair and ottoman, the Womb chair and ottoman, and the other items like the Arco Lamp replica, and even the Barcelona Collection, which we would rather leave it out of this discussions, since it could be very easy, in theory, to completely furnish a home with just items from the collection. Let’s first see if the other items from our best-selling collection of mid-century modern replicas, can completely furnish a home in the way that you need to.

Choosing more than one replica: which is the best mid-century modern reproduction?

It is hard to decide from all of these best sellers as to which one would be the better one. They all have their own distinctive style and comparing them usually ends with people settling for more than one. However, budget or space constraints also make some people buy just one replica, and we have to admit that the Eames Lounge chair and ottoman is the top one. A second close is the Barcelona chair replica, one of the best-selling Barcelona chair replicas in the US.

But let’s not get too caught up on the Barcelona Collection, as that is a separate entity, as we said. The main best sellers in our page are: the Eames lounge chair and ottoman replica, which is number one on the Houzz interior design portal. The Womb chair and ottoman replica, reproduced from the original by Eero Saarinen. The Arco Lamp, one of the most affordable reproductions of Castiglioni’s original mid-century modern floor lamp, and the Noguchi table, a true-to-design reproduction of Isamu Noguchi’s famous table.

The better question is: how can we combine these best-sellers to work together in one space? Each one of them has their own distinctive personality, and they imbue the new house with individual qualities that other best-sellers may lack. For example, an Arco lamp replica might be your first choice, but if you already have overhead lights, you might want to opt for one of the lounge chairs. However, you don’t have enough space for a lounge chair, so maybe the Noguchi table replica could work? These are the things you have to consider before buying, but let’s look at some ways in which these best selling mid century modern replicas can work.

First and foremost: you should really get the Noguchi table first, if you want to ease your way towards mid-century modernist. Don’t be afraid about pairings and placement: you’ll find that the table works best when used as a centerpiece, and its size makes it very flexible, being large enough for small spaces, and short enough for large spaces. The triangular shape also helps with moving around the house.

Which best-seller works best with the Noguchi Table?

The Eames lounge chair replica is the primary contender to go with the Noguchi: you would have to decide between this chair and the Womb chair and ottoman replica. If you have a little more space, you can use the Eames lounger as a studio chair, computer chair (repurposing the ottoman somewhere else), and living room lounge chair (to accompany a couch). The Womb chair and ottoman is better suited for bedrooms, or houses that have a much more minimalist and sleek style. The Womb chair and the Eames lounge chair are both great to read on below the light of an Arco Lamp replica, they will provide you with an elegant, and sophisticated leisure space.

See the example above: the Noguchi Table replica also works great with the Arco Lamp. This mid-century modern best-seller is the best one that you can get as a first try. Then you can move on to other things: imagine taking the white armchair from that picture and replacing it with a Womb chair and ottoman replica. You could place the ottoman in front of the table in order to create more seating space. Place the Arco lamp replica towards the center of the room, but a little more aligned towards the Womb chair as well.

If you want to also include items from the Barcelona Collection, consider getting a Barcelona Chair replica (white goes best with the marble of the Arco Lamp), and change the sofa for a Barcelona sofa as well, which is one of the current best sellers inside the Barcelona Collection.

You have a myriad of options to furnish your home with the best-sellers, but take this advice and start planning your Black Friday shopping for your home. At Barcelona Designs, we are also preparing some Black Friday discounts on furniture for you to enjoy!