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The chair has so much more value besides its utilitarian function. Although our Eames Lounge Chair, Womb Chair and Tulip Chair are our showstoppers from a selling stand point, they are far from being the only ones we have in stock. Manhattan Home Design is chock full of chairs bound to embellish your indoor space so you will never associate boredom with your furnished areas. Just because they are less known does not make these chairs any less fabulous. Below is an assemblage of standalone chairs and their addition inside the home. See what your house or apartment is missing with these super funky and stylish chairs. In order to really make a statement or to get the full extent of these chairs decorating ability, it is best to buy them in bulk, or more than one for density and matching purposes.

Mademoiselle Chair Reproduction — Flower Accent Chair


Implement one of French designers PhillipeStarck’s most notable furniture in your dining, living or bedroom today. These small chairs are enshrouded with floral styling throughout with a curved back and wooden legs—not a common site. These flower chairs will spruce up any room tenfold with their presence alone. These chairs alone provide a surge of pattern and color into a room and are ideal if your room lacks these qualities.

Safdie Patchwork Multicolor Chair

Have you ever conjured the possibility of a chair that perfectly matches a blanket or bedspread? This one does. With its multi-colors and patched patterns, the Safdie chair pairs nicely with any bedroom, especially one with a patched blanket. If your blanket or bed spread is monotone, this chair is a great addition regardless. Its body is soft and coy while the wooden legs are aslant; an artwork of a chair. Add this chair to your hall or empty space and it will liven things up.

Windward Stool

If you’re iffy about buying a stool, understand that the Windward is no ordinary stool. It appears to be a small ottoman in a cylindrical composition. It gives of the aura of elegance and regality from its all-over tufted and padded design, reminiscent of the bedroom furniture of 20th century monarchs. The tufts are connected with quilted diamond stitches that further exude royalty. This stool is perfect to add beside a couch and coffee table, or as an additive in a bedroom. It does not contain various colors and thus works perfectly with virtually any indoor layout.

Leather Egg Chair With Tilt Lock Mechanism


A unique take on the Egg Chair, this chair has a more open “egg”, as the upper half of it extends wider than does the typical egg chair, which more closely exemplifies the egg shape. This beauty has swirling edges, which leave more room for your arms in the armrest portion. Two rounded, protruding upper edges give off a wing-like appearance. This chair also has a leather body throughout and there is nothing that smacks of style more than a leather touch. Perfect for any room that gathers the most people together, this chair is sure to be the most looked at.