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If we have learned anything about the fundamentals to get incredible in interior design, it is that lighting is the key to achieving an impeccable design. Lighting plays an extremely important role in any interior decoration. To explain this further, imagine having a living room or kitchen with poor lighting. Tasks that require some concentration or focus will become tedious and inefficient. On the other hand, when our layout is well lit, the space looks spacious, clean, and impeccable.

For this reason today we want to show you our variety of floor lamps that will help you configure that necessary lighting for any room, living room, office, etc. Our list features Floor lamps made with high-quality materials and structures that will easily fit that modern living room, contemporary room, and even mid-century modern office. Let’s get into it!

Serge Mouille Three-Arm Floor Lamp

La Serge Mouille’s large-scale three-Arm Floor helps through its three bulbs supported on pivoting arms made of curved steel to achieve the goal of all modern design: balanced lighting that comes from an elegant and simple source.

Sculptural, aesthetic, and modern is the better way to describe this striking floor lamp. 

It evokes a sense of movement in space and all of the arms can be rotated in various directions, allowing for ample, well-directed lighting for any task.

Arco lamp

We don’t need to say much about his floor lamp since you might know it as an icon. The Arco lamp is perhaps one of the floor lamps that helped to create the category itself. Originally made by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni for the newborn Flos, this floor lamp reproduction will be the perfect complement to achieve a luxurious environment. 

Trying to be the most faithful to the original, our living room floor lamp reproduction features the following:

  • Stainless Steel Arched Design
  • Sculptured Italian Carrara Marble Base, Cut And Polished By Hand.
  • Electric Cord With Floor Dimmer Button For Easy Operation
  • Aluminum Heat Diffuser With 126 Individual Holes.
  • Pivoting Stainless Steel Hood
  • Soft White Reflective Hood Interior For Efficient Light Reflection
  • One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Some Assembly Is Required.

If neutral is not the ideal look you want to implement something out of traditional our catalog your interior decor we also have a rare yet gorgeous floor lamp.

Modern Floor Lamp

This modern floor lamp is perfect for those who to stand out by showing they have out of traditional style. This piece was originally created in 1903 for the theater by the infamous Venetial designer Mariano Fortuny, the Modern Studio lamp casts a bold, dramatic glow. The shade is set atop a swiveling, tilting tripod base, while the concave interior offers infinite gradations of light.

If you would like to know more don’t hesitate to ask us. Comment below or talk with an agent, we are to help you decorate your home with iconic furniture.