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Finn Juhl’s work began to be considered as iconic in the mid-century modern style thanks to designs like this, which is characterized by straight lines, simplicity, and beauty. Like his famous Finn Juhl 1955 sideboard, his style and the distinctive features of his work became evident in his other creations such as desks, dining tables, coffee tables, sideboards, stools, sofas, etc. The use of elements such as steel and wood was the personal brand that this artist decided to use in his creations to give them more simplicity since at first, he considered himself a creator of sculptural, artistic and exclusive designs.

Finn Juhl sideboard

Deciphering The Legend

The Finn Juhl sideboard replica was first presented in 1955, and from the outset caught the attention of the public and professional interior designers for its simplicity and beauty. Besides, this design combines its wooden parts with the colors of the Goethe color wheel. The body of the furniture is made of teak, oak, walnut or Oregon pine. It’s usually available in white, yellow and light blue colors. The frame of the piece is available in burnished steel, painted black, orange or light blue.

Finn Juhl sideboard

The design of this Finn Juhl 1955 TV cabinet is also recognized for its technical characteristics. It’s part of a theme with cubist wooden cabinets that float in delicate steel frames with wooden feet. The use of these colors set a trend during the 1950s and 1960s and showed the first definitions of what is the mid-century modern style. The harmonious cohesion of colors made many consider this piece as a work of art. So much so that currently, Finn Juhl’s own house in Ordrupgaard in Copenhagen was painted with these nuances, as a brilliant example of what’s the use of these nuances in design.