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The Barcelona Chair, the icon of our Barcelona Collection and number 1 among our Best Sellers. Originally designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in the mid 19th century is the influence behind our state-of-the-art replica. We love the minimalist forms and exquisitely refined details of this iconic chair and tried to pay homage to the designer by achieving an extraordinary level of visual harmony using high-quality materials.

The History of the Barcelona Chair

Mies van der rohe, designer of the Barcelona Chair

Designed by German-American visionary Mies van der Rohe and collaborator Lilly Reich, this chair was showcased at the 1929 International Exposition in Barcelona, Spain. Unlike most of van der Rohe’s furniture which was created for the everyday, common folk, the Barcelona Chair was intended for the eyes of Spanish royalty when they were perusing the Exhibition’s German Pavilion (which van der Rohe also designed) at the exposition.

Barcelona Designs brings you the same royalty that was displayed in this major exhibition in replica form. Don’t get us wrong, our gorgeous Barcelona chair replica nails the original design to a science. Below are several checkpoints to help you choose the best Barcelona chair, all of which we excel at.

The Leather Upholstery

Barcelona Chair

Leather is the makeup for the body of the chair. Both the seat and the back are designed with the same leather. To ensure a lasting experience in your indoor space, the leather must be of top-notch quality. Fake leather might save you a few extra bucks but is not worth buying in the long-run. Faux leather doesn’t have the same luster of genuine leather. It is more susceptible to tearing, deflation and puncturing. It is also not eco-friendly or hypo-allergenic as real leather.  Our Barcelona chair boats of 100% full-grain Italian leather. This leather is aesthetically stunning and breathable.

The Legs and Frame

Barcelona Chair

The strength of any chair is largely dependent on the legs of the chair. The legs are ever more important in the Barcelona Chair, as they arch from the top of the chair’s back to the floor, doubling as its frame.  It’s necessary to look for thick, sturdy legs that can easily support a great weight. The legs of our chair may look thin from afar, but looks can be deceiving. Our Barcelona chair is composed of superior grade steel for strong support. It’s sheen rivals that of mirrors and capable of withstanding dust and dirt without corroding.

The Cushions

Barcelona Chair

The sitting experience is hugely based on the softness of the seat and areas that the sitter comes in contact with, which in this case is the back. It is, therefore, crucial to buy a chair with high-quality cushions. There are certain distinguishers from a poorly-constructed cushion and a first-rate one. The quality of the cushioning is derived from the type of foam in the cushion. Our Barcelona Chair is made from high-density foam, which molds with the shape of your body and retains the original shape once you get up. Our cushions are also breathable, which prevents mold and mildew from building up.

Threading and Material

Barcelona Chair

Breathability comes from within and at Barcelona Designs, we are very transparent with what makes up the innards of the Barcelona Chair. Our chair possesses an under-seat vent for airflow inside and out of the chair. This added breathability renders a longer-lasting seat, as it maintains its density and shape.  It is also of importance to consider getting a Barcelona chair with quality piping. Our Barcelona Chair features braided threading throughout, coupled with Lockstitch to ensure the leather stays in place.

Final Touches

The outer shell of the Barcelona Chair marks the finishing touches of the upholstery, the final stitches of the entire operation.  Why settle for a chair that is lacking in these details? Our Barcelona Chair features deep tufting on both cushions. The panels are hand-cut and hand-welted.  Heavy grade leather saddle straps line both sides of the frame provide a thick attachment of the body to the frame, minimizing the chances of detachment.