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Passing through times of changes, people tend to look for security. Keep in it hold to secure, classic values are a guarantee of stability. And classic values are present in every quality design. 

This is one of the reasons behind the sustained success behind the Eames Office Chairs.  Deeply rooted at the very beginning of the modern office, time has sealed the preference of many users that trust in its quality, performance and comfort, model after model.

To accomplish that level of quality, Eames Office Chairs are based on the same basic key elements in its four presentations. A five point base with tubular steel columns support an all light weight, corrosion resistant frame that is wrapped in the best premium Italian Aniline leather. But keeping always the ergonomics principles insight: A height swivel maneuver; back spine support; and armrests. 

The four presentations of the Eames Office Chairs:

Eames Ribbed Management Chair
Eames Ribbed Office Chair

Ribbed Management Chair: For a strong back support, with more texture, this Eames Office Chair is designed to help you stay in focus but for many hours.

Eames Softpad Management Chair
Eames Softpad Office Chair

Softpad Management Chair: For a work experience where comfort is always present, the Softpad Management Chair provides two big cushions for a relaxed back support.

Eames Softpad Executive Chair
Eames ExecutiveOffice Chair

Softpad Executive Chair: The soft experience of the big comfortable cushions of the Management Chair in a bigger option with four cushions.

Eames Style Office Chair
Eames Office Chair: Model Style
Eames Style Office Chair
Eames Office Chair: Model Style

Style Office Chair: A light version of the Office Chair, built to be with you in your dynamic work day.

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