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Things definitely have changed in the 2020.  There are a lot of social phenomena in the air and our workplaces are just a little part of the whole movement. 

Eames Softpad Executive Chair
The Eames Office Chair

Nevertheless, Working From Home became a new reality for many people, from all kinds of jobs, office jobs, freelance jobs. Most of the people use computer facilities for its main activities, or at least for a fraction of the workday. So, prolonged sitting is a habitual practice.
Prolonged sitting has many liabilities involved, and risks for your help. So you’ll need the best care that an ergonomic chair can provide, to promote a good posture and minimize risks. 

The main furniture you should use to take care of yourself is your chair. Is the furniture that you use more frequently and intensely. 

So it is important if you use a chair ergonomically designed. An Eames Office Chair is a very good example of an ergonomic chair. It supports the main points your body in a when you are seated: Back spine; upper spine; arms and head support. They all need extra support in a long workday. 

What support give you the Eames Office Chair? 

In your back. With an orthopedic back cushion in your lower back, to help you keep your back spine straight. In your arms. With their retractile arms, providing you support and flexibility in your head. For executive models, the Eames Office chairs provide headrest.
Additionally, the pivot system of the  Eames Chair, allows you to manipulate the height of your chair, an important factor to level your thighs in parallel with the floor. 

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