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The Eames Lounge Chair is a piece with an outstanding presence and an iconic power impossible to ignore. There’s practically no modern environment that doesn’t look great with one of these chairs within its layout. In that sense, its inclusion is truly recommended even for small and minimalist spaces.

Many people choose the Mid-Century Modern style as the most feasible answer to the question of what’s the trend that can look best in a reduced living room focused on the practical since most pieces of this style also follow the same characteristics: simple designs focused on function.

However, there are many other decorating styles that you can choose. The main idea of any layout is to achieve a harmonious space, with personality and all the necessary resources to carry out the most usual activities.

To take the first steps in decorating your small living room with an Eames Lounge Chair, here are some of the most important tips you should note to achieve a successful and satisfactory result:

Setting Up The Stage For Your Eames Lounge Chair

  • Take the exact measurements of your space. Knowing exactly what area you have can help you make the best furniture investment and allow you to manage free space more accurately. That way, you’ll know exactly what’s the most convenient spot for your Eames Lounge Chair.
  • Make a floor plan. This is an almost mandatory step. An outline of how you visualize the final result and where each thing will be, with its measurements and proportions, will allow you to make a safer bet and will avoid the concerns regarding this point. Remember that your Eames Lounge Chair should fit in there correctly.
  • Less is more. That’s the motto on which minimalism is founded, a trend that consists of adding only the elements that are really needed and stripping the area of any unnecessary additions. If your space is small, the most appropriate is to decorate it in a minimalist way.
  • Materials: the key to lightness. Furniture with wooden, glass, and metal components, as well as armchairs and tables with fine legs, give the feeling of lightness and spaciousness. The will mean the perfect companion to your Eames Lounge Chair. This is very important to create a sufficiently free atmosphere and increase space. Light colors can also help reinforce the feeling of spaciousness.

Those are just some of the tips that you can apply in your small living room to properly integrate your Eames Lounge Chair and find the perfect spot for it in your area. Remember that a product like the Eames Lounge Chair replica by Barcelona Designs represents an affordable investment and very faithful to the original piece that you could also choose.

Small environments have the great advantage that they can look great with just a few elements if you know how to set up a successful layout. An Eames Lounge Chair reproduction is a prime example of all that a single piece of furniture can mean within a modern space where every inch of the floor plan has been used intelligently and wisely.